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The Green Frog Story…..

The Green Frog Story

When I was about 10 or eleven, I had a best friend over to spend the night. My younger sister (three years younger) was with us as well. My room was in the basement of the house, and my parents slept upstairs. I had been reading the Bible in a year, and was trying to “discuss” some with my friend who was not a believer, (i was a rather on fire for Christ, radical Christian who witnessed to everyone i met…) and we stayed up really late,talking about the Bible, amongst other “girl” talk.

After lights were out, we tried to go to sleep, but continued talking. At some point a green light orb began to glow on the far side of the room. It had a demonic looking face, and I knew…it was a satanic presence.

We were all frightened and my friend and sis began to cry. I knew that “greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world”, and knew it was time to call upon His name. That I did! I prayed in the name of Jesus for Satan to leave us, and cast the devil out in authority.

The appearance faded, and we hugged each other in relief, though still a bit shook up.

But then…….

It reappeared even brighter then before. Thus began a battle of epic proportions, calling out upon the name of Jesus, and rebuking Satan. And the demonic presence would fade out, and then grow stronger again.
This continued for what seemed a terrifying eternity.

Finally, I could take it no more. I knew I had to get up, cross the room and turn on the light to investigate…(get help etc). I was terrified (my faith must not have been as strong as I thought) and my friend and sister cried not to do it, but I knew i had to get to the light.

I strode forward, shaking, and then ran across the room to the light switch, praying loudly as I ran (still letting the demon know that Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world. I think I was rather chanting it in fact)

What I discovered next, was on the bookshelf across the room, where we had been seeing the “vision” was a flashlight on its side and next to it, a green frog hand puppet.
The flashlight, was fading on and off occasionally(breathing its last breath of life) because the batteries were nearly dead! We went from fear and goosebumps, to laughter, and embarrassment.

A question:

What if I had never taken the next step and investigated further?
We probably would have always believed that the little green frog was some sort of demonic presence that visited us that night. (having finally been “cast out” by the batteries finally becoming completely drained.)

Why did I believe I had seen a demonic presence? I believe because I had been taught that it existed, and was out to get me. Why did I assume, supernatural? Why was it so easy for all of us (even my non christian friend) to believe/assume? We had been preconditioned (she through me…:0 ) to “see” it, even when their could be other possible explanations.

And my purpose for sharing this story?
Only to suggest that we never make assumptions, but be willing to investigate and seek out the truth.

I know that some will say that the opposite to this is the danger of refusing to see what really is there. They might also ask, “what if God appeared before you today? Would you be blind to see that?”

I could only say this:
If my friends make an assumption about me, from a small amount of evidence and “believe” it, without further investigation, I would be greatly disappointed. I do hope to never become hard and cynical, that I never stop looking for truth and light, but I hope that continues to be balanced with demanding the evidence be truthful evidence.

Making assumptions are the “mother of all foul ups”…..




  1. Argus

    It was a miracle! The power of The Lord changed the demon into a flashlight and glove puppet! Your prayers saved you! Hallelujah! Praise be! Greater power hath no God than this!

  2. Argus

    There. I feel better for that …

    • lol Argus. Although rather recently, when asking a mixed group of believers and non believers their thoughts on this story…one told me, that since i do not believe now, that very well could have been a demon…job done. 😀

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