love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Letting Go…

The girl stood staring
as if frozen in time
unaware of the rain streaming down her face
and the lack of sunshine…
She gazed at the flowers, once a scarlet red,
now blackened, dried out, having long been dead.
She knew that the longer she kept them
the blacker they would become.
No amount of wishing or hoping would restore the life now gone.
She knew, she had held onto the memories long enough.
What was once there is now gone.
Then, down she laid them as she turned to go.
There they lie on this cold winters morn;
blackened roses, to be swept away by the rain,
to be remembered no more.



  1. LOVE that picture.

  2. The flowers struck the ground with her gentle release,
    The feeling was strange but with feeling, relief..
    The rain stroked her face
    like a familiar hand
    the flowers were gone,
    but the memories still grand.
    The girl still frozen, started to see,
    the understanding in the rain,
    she could feel freedom in the beauty
    that can come out of the pain.
    Sometimes it seems that letting go
    brings shackles and hurt,
    but the girl that once was drowning,
    is finally free with a new start.
    She can soar with the birds
    and make friends with the trees,
    and every time it rains,
    does she cry and morn?
    no… she is finally at ease.
    For the rain brings understanding,
    and with understanding….
    she can see the beauty come out of pain.

    I love you.

    • Thank you sweetie…
      that was beautiful…

  3. Lovely!

    • thank you Jason.

      • I find that I disappoint myself as a writer with my comments. Sometimes one word is all that is needed, though.

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