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Is socialism such a bad thing?

My honest thoughts are that America will continue to change from the “land of the free and the home of the brave” to a country with much less personal freedom. The liberals that I know promote the good side of socialism….no one goes hungry, people aren’t allowed to do “bad things”..

What happens when the restrictions begin to affect what we might not consider, “bad”?

My fear with Obama began when he got congress to give him absolute power
In a state of emergency or “terrorism”, then defined protests in New york (occupy wall-street) as acts of terrorism. National Defense Authorization Act?

I was reminded of senator Palpatine’s moves in star wars.

Those Particular moves have set us up for a dictatorship.
Some don’t seem to mind, that terrorism and patriot both got redefined …..
Some don’t seem to mind the idea of less freedom and more restrictions.

What will happen when it effects a freedom they don’t want it too?
Perhaps at that point they will reconsider , giving up so easily what so many fought and died for….

Perhaps though, it will be to late….

We couldn’t seem to get the balance right on freedom and responsibility..
We May very well lose both……

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