love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

The emporer’s new clothes

If someone said that believing that the king’s new clothes were cool, would save you from hell….
and you looked at the king and he looked naked…
to you….
wouldn’t you feel just a might frustrated at that….?
and if others pointed and said…yes! i see them….!~ why can’t you?
why can’t you just believe!~?
would that frustrate you?

I am quite willing to entertain the notion that I am blinded….
i am lacking necessary “glasses” to see what others…see…

but to think it is ridiculous to ask for further evidence….
that instead it is something that can be trusted…
when one fully realizes that there have been some dudes out trying to sell invisible clothes and make a few bucks off of people….

seems unfair.

how can asking for verification that one is not being…scammed or whodoed………. be ridiculous?


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