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Divine Hiddenness of a good god?

Plantinga argues that a knowledge of God can be used as justification for believing in God’s existence, even without evidence or argument.

She is sometimes made aware, catches a glimpse, of something of the overwhelming beauty and loveliness of the Lord; she is often aware, as it strongly seems to her, of the work of the Holy Spirit in her heart, comforting, encouraging, teaching, leading her to accept the “great things of the gospel” (as Edwards calls them), helping her see that the magnificent scheme of salvation devised by the Lord himself is not only for others but for her as well. After long, hard, conscientious reflection, this all seems to her enormously more convincing than the complaints of the critics. Is she then going contrary to duty in believing as she does? Is she being irresponsible? Clearly not. . . . She could be wrong . . . in thinking these things; nevertheless, she isn’t flouting any discernible duty. She is fulfilling her epistemic responsibilities; she is doing her level best; she is justified.

However, this leaves us with the problem of those (like myself) who do not see, though they have asked…

Would a good/loving/compassionate/benevolent God prevent reasonable non-belief?
Or as Nietzsche’s asked: “a god who is all-knowing and all-powerful and who does not even make sure his creatures understand his intentions — could that be a god of goodness?”




  1. That’s always been a hang-up for me: if a god God existed why be mysterious? What possible purpose could that serve? Is that how a loving father would behave? I think not…

  2. indeed, John. Have you a meme for this one? 😉

  3. If a good god could be that way, what good is it? What good is a BFF if you never see them? What good is a parent if they are never around?

    The answer is No, None, Not even close.

    • God is the little plastic alien hiding inside Cornflakes packets. It’s a bitch of a way to reincarnate.

      • I never thought of it before, but that’s a sure way to get kids interested

  4. If God is not constantly told how great he is he will get angry with us, because although he’s omnipotent and omniscient, he’s emotionally insecure and needs constant positive reinforcement.

  5. It is at this point that most of my discussions( about theism) with believers ends.

    Except for the ones who believe that I have some secret sin in my life…those are usually the type who believe that if they keep attacking and using…erm…”tough love”? that they will get through…..(oy)
    For the others….
    my real reasons for not seeing seem to be :
    a. it is not my time…(he’s still working on me …not through with me yet…unfinished clay the potter is still molding )
    b. there is some sin in my life i don’t want to give up
    c. i am the tare to the wheat…(Matthew 13:24-30) Calvinism and what not..

  6. I am curious to see you using the adjective of “good” for God. What could be the reason for this?


    • It is just in reference to the christian god which is claimed to be good..
      and using that claim…asking how a god could be good that hides from some?

  7. I honestly don’t understand what Platinga is saying in the quoted excerpt.
    And the question that we need to get answers for is why would an omni god find it convenient to hide when all we are asking is that he just shows up even if for just a brief moment?

    • My understanding of it, is that even with whatever evidence there is or is not…
      for her…it is a feeling of personal revelation…experience..
      that it justifies her…belief…her…leap of faith…
      even in the face of lack of evidence.
      She believes there is a god because she…knows one to exist…? (circular logic?)
      If some know god and have experiences…does this mean that such a being could exist?
      I think there are too many other possibilities…(especially to those of us that have no such experience)
      I am told by some that the omni god hides because he wants us to seek…

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