love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

look how far we have come?

nearly 60 years later…you just thought separate but equal had disappeared….

for the first time…in…….wait for it….

Georgia! Go USA!~

Students will hold an integrated prom!~ (and for the first time  Wilcox County High School will have integrated courts at this year’s homecoming )

It seems a bit surreal that segregation was/is still taking place in America.  I honestly didn’t know…

Police have apparently even led away biracial students from the “whites only dance”….

Tradition? pooh…

Some traditions are meant to go extinct….

But it is surprising that some are contesting this new (?)wave of thinking…(that it is time to get with the times?)


No worries, the school assures us that no civil laws have been broken as the “separate but equal” proms and homecoming courts were not school sponsored but privately sponsored….what a relief…?

Good on the students that finally said….WHY? to this tradition….

and didn’t just accept….”because this is the way it has always been done” as an answer…








  1. Did I get it correctly, that they have racially segregated proms? I hope not!

  2. oy…you understood correctly…This will be their first year to break that….I had no idea..
    Until this year they apparently had racially segregated homecoming events as well…~!

  3. WTF!!!
    For a country that put a men on the moon reading stuff like this makes me shake my head in wonder at how incredibly ….dense? the US of Eh? still is regards some things

  4. rautakyy

    “This was amazing, this has been completely surreal. I am content and happy,” one student told the station. Surreal! What is surreal, is that the parents who organized these events were in on this for so long. One has to wonder how they reconciled it to themselves? Generation after genaration.

  5. Yes…the “bible belt” areas…(of which i live in) tend to be a bit..”behind the times” but i nearly spewed my coffee reading this….how in the world did this little tidbit not hit the news in a big way any time before this?

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