love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

of hero’s and demons…(a tale)

A father once carried a book with him. This book taught him right from wrong, it was the guidebook to all that he did.
The book told him that everyone who had green eyes was full of of the daemon blood, the only evil in mankind, and must be destroyed , so that the daemon seed would not multiply and destroy the earth. The father went from village to village seeking all those with green eyes, and spearing them through the heart each meeting their fate in the same brutal way.

The father had taken a wife, of blue eyes that matched his own, he knew in this their blood line would be sacred, and that the children would only have blue eyes with no daemon blood.

What the father did not take into account, is that his daughter and son began to question the book that he himself knew never to question. At first they did so fearfully but found strength in each other. While the father was out on his “missions” traveling far and wide with his “holy” spear, they began to befriend others who did not like the book, nor the killings. The others learned to hide those who were believed to be the daemons. And so the boy and girl met the “daemons” and studied them, and were astounded that they were exactly alike. They had the same thoughts, the same fears, the same hopes, and the same dreams. They loved, and sang, and danced and laughed, and valued one another in ways that made the son and daughter know, they were not evil. The daemons longed to be allowed settle down with their families in homes, without hiding in the underground caves, just as all others were able to do. They longed to play above ground with their children in the sunshine, and swim in the oceans, and experience all of life without fear of the father who speared those with green eyes.

And then it happened. The daughter of the father, fell in love with one of the green eyed. They were secretly married, and she became pregnant.
Their Mother, was finally brought into the circle of brother and sister and she learned of their defiant path towards their father. She wept. She did not believe there was any force on this earth that could open father’s eyes to the beauty and normalness of the green-eyed people. She knew that he was a believer of the book, and that came above everything and everyone.
And that truth to father could only be seen through the letters of the book, even when reality did not always match.

She wept even more, learning of the grandchild to be. She knew that her daughter and the child to come would have to hide in the caves below the towns, and never be seen by her again, without risk of losing their lives. They told the father that the daughter had died one night when he was on one of his “missions” and they had buried the body so as not to draw wild animals by the smell in the hut. They had placed a holy symbol from the book on the grave to mark it, so he would see it.
The daughter went and lived under the town with her new husband.
What if? What if the child somehow did not have the green eyes? Would the father ever allow it to know him? But alas no, the child was born with the eyes of the daemon.
Father happened upon the mother and son, sneaking out of the house one night to help bring supplies to the daughter and her daemon husband and to sneak a peak at the child. He followed, wondering where they were going, and wondering why they were being so secretive.
Only to find the truth, as the horror hit him,looking upon the daughter, the daemon, and his own wife holding the daemon baby. he lunged with his spear at the husband but, instead the daughter threw herself in the way, and her body drooped over his spear as the lunge had struck right through her heart. He withdrew it, with tears in his eyes, knowing he must still destroy the daemon and the baby daemon, as the book commanded. Screaming in pain at his own loss, he lunged once more, and then yet again, finally killing his own son, who had thrown his own body in front of the spear , defending the husband as well. He was then clear to kill his daughter’s husband. Lastly, his own wife, was standing in front of him, holding the daemon child. His granddaughter. She looked him in the eye, and dared him to see what he had already lost, what he had done, and the evil he had become. She pleaded with him to look into the “evil” green eyes of the grandchild daemon. To dare to question the book! To see how beautiful and innocent the child was! And with one fell swoop, he saved his faith, and plunged the spear through the heart of the child, and his beloved wife. In the name of the Book he eradicated all evil. He had fought the good fight, He had finished his course. He had been willing to hate even his own family to follow the book. The ultimate price, the ultimate cost. The father went home, to supper alone, the hero?

~H.C. 2010



  1. Wow! That’d make an excellent fairytale. You know any good animators?

    • lol….you are being sarcastic yes? (sometimes i am a bit slow on the uptake…last to get the joke, and always struggle with sarcasm though once i get it i enjoy it absolutely… :D)

      • Not at all! Deadly serious. The best fairytales are the darkest. Have a look at the European ones… the Pied Piper = he killed ALL the children!

        This, Holly, is a brilliant story… plus a morality tale. There are secular publishers now who’d fall over themselves for this.

        • good heavens…you make me blush…I never thought of it as anything more than what it was written for…to make a point to a fellow poster on a discussion board one day when I was horrified and mutually sad at his…..fervor.
          And I have written a few things …intended for children…here and there in the past…twas my dream (this was NOT considered one of them lol) but never been able to find anyone willing to follow through on their…promises…for artwork…most i know are well…to busy to follow their own art dreams….

  2. Love this.

    • Thank you p & w. 🙂

      • I agree with John; you should absolutely try to get this published.

  3. You make a good story teller. That father needed lots of help.

    • Thank you Makagutu. He did indeed. I learn best with stories. And it is eaiser sometimes for me to express what i think or feel that way. When presented with a problem, if someone is able to explain it in story form…it “connects” for me. I have always loved fables and fairytales. (though this one felt way to dark to be one to me… :D)

      • I like your stories, they flow quite well.

  4. I also agree with John. (Sorry for not being original.) This is the stuff all fairy tales are made of and you tell it beautifully. 🙂

    • Thanks Lively! something i was a bit hesitant to share because well…it is a bit on the dark side for me.

  5. Love the tale; I nearly threw myself into the fight! Great piece.

    • wow! thank you geneticfractals!

  6. Something like this actually happened recently: a guy in Afghanistan killed his own daughter for committing adultery. All because of the book.

    • Indeed David. It was discussion with a “real life” person and horror at their inability to be willing to “see” other types of human beings that were not what their book said they should be as anything other than….demonic…that left me the the shudders that inspired this.
      i am saddened that so many have, and in some cases still do act out of such “inspiration”.

  7. HI Holly. Terrific story. I’ve got a pretty full plate, but an illustration might materialize. I can’t promise. How about a possible collaboration sometime in the future?

    • Wow elena! thank you! Thanks to you and John I have become inspired to see if i can work on some more stories and perhaps work towards a collection of moral tales. If you run into any spare time in the future I would be deeply honored! (your work is amazing)

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