love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness


I see you on the ledge across the abyss.
I see the pain on your face.
I struggle to reach you.
but every attempt is in vain.
I try throwing a rope…
you cannot lift your fingers to grasp it.
You see me…
but you can no longer recognize me.
How it hurts.
I long to grab you, and walk you to safety
but you cannot feel my touch.
My touch goes right through you as if
i am made of ghostly material.
No effect upon you.
My smile goes out unreturned…
everything I could give returns unopened.
For you cannot move , or feel or see those who love you.
you are stuck.
I long so much to save you.
But only you can save you.
I wait helplessly…for you to be able to feel me once more.
And I you….

Together while apart we wait for the darkness to pass…



  1. You are such a poet my friend!

    • Thank you Noel. All of my writings growing up were…”happy sunshine” if not…trials and troubles with “happy endings” …reality was shoved far away as I felt all darkness was evil…
      “rejoice in the lord always” was a theme…if i wasn’t smiling…i felt very guilty…
      growing up has taught me that darkness is a very necessary and real part of life…
      no more masks…no more painted faces…
      embrace life in its fullness….the good the bad and the ugly.

      • I like your stories and it takes courage to share them with us.
        Growing us is a great thing!

  2. Lovely, and insightful.

  3. Thank you grimachu.

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