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It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

What Atheists Wish Christians Knew About Them

What Atheists Wish Christians Knew About Them.

This was brilliantly done.
May more be willing to reach across the divide and actually listen to each other.



  1. I enjoyed the video. I hate to be judgemental (really) but from experience would much sooner trust an atheist than a bible basher. As a new follower I see I need to read back on all your posts AND I WILL :-). With my own belief system so very personal I find it difficult to comment let alone blog on the subject. But having allowed Ark et al to provoke me – in for a penny etc. I see atheism as a step in the right direction. But not the final destination. This sounds smug. And probably is, but that is the way I feel. Tomorrow I shall read ALL your posts 🙂

  2. Wow, thanks footsy. Ark has actually provoked a couple of my posts as well lol.
    I enjoy your approach and manner. Thanks for stopping in. And I am not “smugged” out at all by your thoughts on final destination. I am not afraid of continued growth..I welcome it. I don’t see any way that theism is in the future for me, but…should the evidence present itself…I would not say no. 🙂

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