love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

HELL…ya skeered yet?

I find it interesting that whole doctrines are built about “hell”
From parables of Jesus ….and from revelation?
The Most obvious non literal /symbolic book in the bible?

I get scare tactics and all but really…
What the sam hill?



  1. I found it interesting a few years ago when the catholic church announced there is no hell and no one should teach about it. Script change!! Re-write….

    • I think that was ‘purgatory’ where little children are supposed to be hanging out in the cold parts of hell until you get them a pardon or something. They definitely killed off the chance for 4 week old babies who die to get into heaven. That was what pissed people off. Of course there is the whole “oops, that was wrong… sorry” thing.

      • Yeah, I remember purgatory getting the ax. Maybe that’s the ‘official’ announcement i was thinking of… “Oh, by the way, that thing we used to tell you about…. we were just kidding!”

        • Exactly and the rest of us thought: “wait… wut? what else are you wrong about?”

        • Limbo, actually.

          • Same thing, isn’t it?

            • It was all really convoluted.

              Hell was already there for bad people. Then they invented purgatory to burn off the bad things good people do. Then they invented limbo for good people who never got baptized…mostly infants and the like. Then they realized how stupid that sounded, so they got rid of limbo. Maybe they’ll do the same thing for purgatory next.

  2. Really? I didn’t know the catholic church announced that! what a rewrite!

    • Here’s a cou´ple of articles from Pope John II in 1999. There was actually something more official, but i can’t find it right now.

      • Ah, I do remember something about that. (of course to evangelical Christians, Catholics are going to hell anyway 😉 )

        Found this on the literalness problems and thought it was pretty interesting…
        “St. Augustine — rarely described as a liberal — lived for many years at the margins of the church. An impediment to his conversation was precisely the notion that Christians took literally stories like that of Jonah spending three days in the belly of a whale. It was not until Ambrose, bishop of Milan, introduced Augustine to allegorical interpretation — that is, that stories can point metaphorically to spiritual realities rather than historical facts — that Augustine could contemplate taking the Bible (and those who read it!) seriously.”

        • Cool! Augustine was the patron saint of my secondary college. He was a sound thinker.

  3. You know, there really isn’t one concrete scrap of justification in the Bible for the concept of eternal conscious torment.

    • the history of the making of the ‘devil’ is fun as well…. 😉
      my what pointy ears you have!
      my what pointy horns you have!
      my what pointy thingies on your pitchfork you have!
      my how very red your skins looks! 😀

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