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The Skeptic Vs. The Miracle….. #Buying a Miracle

I was unfamiliar with the $1,000 Challenge from the Tampa Bay Skeptics Society…

The BitterSweet End

A Miracle by definition is the suspension of the laws of nature and physics.  It by so, that when nature or physical law cannot explain something, that is when something is deemed a  miracle.

To the skeptic & atheist they don’t believe in miracles; and the religious believer does.  So as a way to find a common ground and settle unexplained miracles.  Several skeptical organizations have set up awards and investigative inquiries into so-called miracles and pseudoscience.

So for those who believe that God has done a genuine miracle, here is a way for you to prove it to the atheist community and possibly make some money.

The Center for Skeptical Inquiry research many alleged phenomena and miracles.  So if you believe you have a real miracle on your hand, they will put together a panel and publication to research, observe and possibly test it.

However the Tampa Bay Skeptics Society of Tampa, Fl have a standing $1,000 Challenge to whomever can produce information for a…

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