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Forgiveness…I can do something god can’t???

Forgiveness is a puzzling thing…a beautiful and yet puzzling thing.
It doesn’t really fit in a “dog eat dog” world…
or a “survival of the fittest” world…
It is something though that dogs appear to have down rather pat… 😀
No matter what you do or say…there they are with a wag upon their tale…
awaiting your approval…

but the human capability to forgive…
still overwhelms me.

if we hurt another….we in turn understand the feeling of being “forgiven”
of someone not holding our failing, our mess-ups against us for the rest of our lives.
So then we are capable of understanding what it means to forgive another…
to “let go” of what was done…in the past…
and fully realize that we all make mistakes, bad choices, fail….
and in that realization we are no better….

“I forgive you”…
beautiful words to hear…
sometimes they feel like too much…
we make restitution for what we can…
fix what we can…
and then..
the rest? what cannot be undone?
forgiven? without a price…without cost…
and most definitely…without payment of….BLOOD
freely….(if we so choose)

And If we
we puny humans….


why would HE…the creator…(or beginner of creation..etc) not be able to do something we can do?



  1. The difference between man and god? We forgive our dead.

    • a very good point Mark…:)

  2. We forgive when we are rich enough to not care for the payment!

    • ah…that was beautiful noel!!!!

  3. Well, now I’m going to sound completely cynical, but I’d say the ability to forgive exists because holding a grudge is too costly: you’d end up fighting everyone all the time, which does not seem like a great survival strategy. God doesn’t need to forgive anyone, since he can wipe us out any time He wants. Hence forgiveness is a human concept: it is based on weakness.

    • Oh that was an interesting thought David!
      however cynical… 😀
      I have been reevaluating my own formerly held views on forgiveness as well.
      The concept seems highly connected with guilt…
      I think the idea of something above forgiving us our failures and mistakes (especially costly ones) is one way humans have handled guilt feelings…(or maybe we have guilt feelings because we think we need to be forgiven /atoned for everything? (chicken or the egg?)
      I used to think forgiveness was perfectly beautiful all the time…”forgive seventy times seven”
      until i read about how misused this was by the Amish families who had been abusing their children….
      I also realized in my own life that in many cases where I thought i must forgive…I was actually avoiding necessary confrontations. In doing so I missed opportunities to help a relationship grow.
      so ….I am still learning about…forgiveness….
      up for a post on it? Perhaps it could be the next blog learning theme… 😀

  4. rautakyy

    In my view, forgivenes actually fits perfectly to the “survival of the fittest”. Along the lines of David Yerle. It is a very good part of the survival mechanism of the social species and by far not limited to humans at all. Most animals with empathetic capabilities are able to forgive.

    The natural “survival of the fittest” as in evolution, is far too often seen as some sort of fascistical model of every individual against every individual, but it by far does not mean that. What it means, is the mutations, that make a species fit its own ecological niche and help it to produce more generations passing on the genes, that made it a success. And also for a species to be able to carry a genestock, that might be futile for existing generations, but helps future generations of the species to fit to the changes in the environment. Empathy, conscience, forgiveness are all success stories in this, are they not? Social groups are stronger than the fascistic ones. Are they not?

  5. That makes sense to me Rautakyy. Social groups are indeed stronger.

  6. I like what David says, but I am not sure if that is forgiving. I have given it some thought, but I am not sure if I have ever forgiven anything. I have decided to forget on many occasions. And have really forgotten. But forgiving? I am not so sure. 🙂
    Thanks for asking the question, anyway, Holly!

  7. Out of curiosity, what is your support for thinking God does not forgive?

    • Ah, not that he doesn’t forgive…but the christian idea that god must have a payment/atonement to be able to forgive…

  8. Argus

    Reffing your final line … there’s other reasons to pity God:

    I pity God because He alone in the universe is incapable of even a single spontaneous act.

    So, I too can do things Big G can’t. Not alone in that, I guess anyone with more faculties than a thrip …

    • Argus

      Please forgive me for digressing …

      • there is always coffee and room for digressing in my house. 🙂
        how do you take your cup sir?

        • Argus

          Hot and strong and often … hold the sweetness …

          wag wag wag wag

          • I shall be sure to always have the pot on…

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