love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

just play (a poem on thinking to much) :D

her fingers were moving
the music was coming
out of the instrument rapidly.

high notes…low notes
fingers running up and down the ivories…
playing what they had practiced so many times and then

letting out the feelings
the happiness, the sadness
white keys, black keys

crescendo here, staccato there
with just a dash of innuendo
can you feel it?

she could shut her eyes
and still the notes did come
but suddenly…she thought..

over-thought, that is…
why do my fingers move like this?
how does my brain work?

how do they keep moving
when i am thinking about my brain
instead of the song?

her fingers had caught up with
her brain….

::stop thinking nimbskull!::
(which is a combination between numbskull and nimrod)
in case you were wondering

and so the fingers began to play again…
lesson learned.

hc 5/12/13



  1. Ah… music… it is the true expression of feelings and emotions, and often, no thought is actually required. 😉 It is such a wonderful source of release…. Happy Mother’s Day, my sweet sister. I love you.

    • thank you sis! indeed. and I hope you have a lovely mother’s day as well…..I love you!!

  2. thinking too much is not good 🙂 it damages the brain.
    Happy mothers dear friend!

    • Thank you! I am truly thankful to be a mother. It is a great pleasure in my life… 🙂
      (i am working on the thinking too much :D)

      • Am happy for you and glad I have made your acquaintance. I enjoy the poetry, the stories and more everyday you share your stories the mask is removed!
        Happy mothers day once more my friend

        • Thank you Noel. I am very thankful for this internet world that allows us to reach across and make friends in places we would have never before been able to reach. I am truly thankful to have made a friend in you!

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