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demons in the smoke detector!

Smoke detector began it’s insidious plan at 2am.
:short beeps to say it’s back up battery is running low:
sleeping through the beeps is not an option…
I know because i tried…
it of course knows too…
replacement battery of course cannot be found when it is 2am.
Smoke detector is disconnected from power source AND low battery removed.
Beeping continues. how the hell?
smoke detector/demon has met it’s match…
it is now in the microwave oven….
it can no longer be heard…..
mwah ha ha h ah ah ah aha ha ha



  1. 🙂

  2. my friend, you have two demons not one 🙂

    • how so? 😀

      • blame it on poor decoding 😦

  3. You put it in the microwave?! HA! Who knew? I will have to remember that the next time the demons visit my house!

  4. And this is how comic book villains are born…..

  5. Smh…. kinda like my friends beeping watch that ended up In the fridge. Genius comes out when trying to sleep.

    • Well, 2am brainfog left me thinking there were limited choices…such as freezer/fridge/ oven or microwave. I didn’t want to destroy it. Only mute it. so I thought fridge and freezer probably out…oven definitively out because i would probably turn it on to preheat without checking that left…the microwave. Don’t know why i didn’t think of taking it out to the car… 😀

  6. This is the weirdest post I’ve read in a long time. Well done.

    • Hi David. Happy to entertain. 😀
      I am still currently puzzled as to how it continued the loud beep (a low battery warning beep) after being unplugged and the battery being removed. My hypothesis are as follows.
      a. somehow it kept a charge/signal that stayed in after the battery was removed. I have not heard of things doing that but i suppose it is some sort of possibility?
      b. Perhaps I nightmared that the beeping continued, after the battery was removed and it was unplugged from the wall. but then I also slept walk the thing into the microwave.

      • Well, there could have been some residual electricity, but I’ll be damned if I know! As a physicist I’m good with pen and paper and terrible with practical stuff.

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