love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

In the land of Goog

If you will look around you
you may find
there are some loyal to friends,
some loyal to the law
and some willing to question all.

In the land of Goog, there was once a law. The law said that the word “eeka” was not allowed to be said by any inhabitant at any time. In the case of such an unfortunate event , the unfortunate offender should be sorted off to jail….indefinitely. And if the offense repeated while so incarcerated, hung until dead.

On this day, there just so happened to be a newcomer who was unfamiliar with this law. And by random happenstance, “eeka” seemed to be the only word this unfortunate newcomer appeared to be able to disseminate.

The first to come upon the offender was Givalots, who had friends galore, and was respected by the community. Givalots was known for her loyalty to her chums. Quite the forgiving type, not easily ruffled and thought certain ordinances that were trifle, should not even be trifled with. So when “eeka” was uttered in her presence, she did not think more than once about it. It was not disturbing to her in the least. Such an ordinance seemed rather silly to her. She just went on her merry way. However, she ran into her friends who said the unfortunate newcomer was a lawbreaker, and must be unsortly, so Givalots listened to her friends and kept her distance, even though she didn’t see anything dangerous about the unfortunate newcomer.

However, the unfortunate newcomer, (whom we will now call UN as it is shorter) was not fortunate enough to have that be it’s last encounter of the day. Instead UN was to run into Captain Binary.
An unfortunate event indeed. Captain Binary had many less friends than Givalots, for he was not loyal to friends, but to the law. He was an ordinance keeper, and the law came above all. All rules must be followed for they were given by those who were wise enough to make them. Therefore, they were meant to be followed. He did not care that the law did not make sense. That was not his job. His job was to care that the law was followed. And Un (even if a sweet looking, smiling, and kind sort of fellow) was a ordinance breaker!

As you can imagine, UN was quickly sorted off to jail. To be held indefinitely as was required by the original (however outdated) ordinance. If the offender continued using the forbidden expression “eeka”
after being so warned, the punishment was to be hung till dead! But Un kept using the forbidden word!
In fact…it appeared to be the only word Un could utter!
To the jail keepers, who noted Un’s furry cuteness…and noted that the uttering of the forbidden word seemed to cause no harm to those around…
this seemed…extreme.
What if….
what if the Un could not say anything else?

And here is where our tale turns around.
Fortunately for the silly land of Goog, there lived another Googan who was more than just a loyal chum, or more than just loyal to the law. This Googan was named Prudence.
Prudence was called upon by those jail keepers who began to see the extremeness of the situation. They were concerned about UN. Un continued saying nothing but the work “eeka”. And this was the first time such an offense had happened in the history of any who had worked there. How very strange for it only to be able to say the one word that was forbidden… Was there anything Prudence could do?

Prudence, until now, had been unfamiliar with the law about the word “eeka”.
She decided it was high time someone looked into it. How could someone deserve being hung unti dead for such a silly expression? why was it law? She knew if something was not done quickly, Binary, and those trained in such manner to respect and represent the law, would be hanging poor UN.
UN seemed harmless besides the fact that no one could get any word other than “eeka” out of it.

Prudence began her investigation. She started with the history books in their history book building.(much like what we refer to as a Library) She decided it was going to be a long night and would be in need of something fortifiable for sustenance. She invested in a pot of gorfee. (something that we would compare to coffee). And set in for a long night.
Her reading lead her to find a case many ages ago in which a furry creature which presented itself very similar to UN had appeared. Many of the children in the town fell in love with it and wanted to keep it.
The Overseer of the village was highly allergic to it. The noise that it made rather. He couldn’t stand hearing “eeka” outside his window at night, or when walking down the village path to order a pot of gorfee. It annoyed him so very much (a highly irritable fellow he was) that He struck it down in wrath. The children were so very upset at the loss of their furry playmate that they decided to
plot a plan of genius to “haunt” the Overseer for his wicked allergies. (irritability)
They would alternate turns sneaking outside his window and making the “eeka” sound.
The Overseer could not figure out who was behind this upsetting cheeky sneakiness. And so me made another ordinance which would imprison and threatened to hang anyone who continued making this hideous cheeky and yet sneaky sound.

Prudence closed the book with a resounding “THUD”.
High time such a silly ordinance was overturned.
It pays to be loyal to the law when the law is good.
But the law must always be examined by those who dare to test and check.
Thankfully for Un, Prudence was one so willing to examine and dare to test and check.
Binary made do, without his hanging.
Instead he shared a pot of gorfee with Prudence
Givalot was happy for them all and shared in the pot (wishing she had somehow made a bit more effortbin the happy turn of events)

As far as I know, UN walks the streets of Goog still, and the children there enjoy a furry playmate that makes an “eeka” sound.



  1. Another wonderful story. You’re good at this!

    • Thank you John…being a former binary…I am thankful for the “prudences” in my life… 😉

  2. You get your messages with wonderful analogies.
    Beautiful story

    • Thank you Noel.
      This one was inspired by my boys. 😀
      I am so proud of them. They both got selected for special awards at their school this year. “Character counts” and “Citizen” award. Both have to be nominated and voted on by all the teachers. I was so touched by their honor. We got into a discussion on “rules’….and this little story came to be….

      • wow, congratulations on their behalf!

  3. Eeka!

    • Eeka!! Long live UN! 😀

  4. rautakyy

    A thought provoking story. I think, I am loyal to my friends, to the law, and I tend to question all things.

    • Rautakyy….
      that is because you are absolutely beautiful…. 🙂
      I believe there is great fear in those brought up in religion…that without law…
      (absolute) there is no law. (that law is truth)
      I was taught to function in the extremes. Only it was very difficult because truth is in the balance…not the extremes.
      The balance is between law, friends and the realization that everything can be, and sometimes should be…questioned…as needed. Freedom.
      Definitions of prudence : “the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason”
      “Good judgment or wisdom gained from experience and knowledge, expressed in a realistic and frugal attitude. “

      • rautakyy

        Well, there is the first time for everything. This was propably the first time anyone has ever called me “absolutely beautiful”. Thank you very much. 🙂 I think that the power of any law should be in, that we understand why it is a law, not in because some authority said so. Any authority.

        • Well of course I have no idea what you physically look like, (you never know if avatars are the person or just something they like) but speaking merely of “essence” and in the …near stalking i have been doing of your posts since Violet introduced you to me … 😀 I stand by my proclamation. 😀

          As to having laws because of understanding instead of “because someone said so”…
          a hearty amen.

          Ps, enjoying the discussion between yourself and P&W

          • rautakyy

            Oh, I did not think you meant it as in physical terms. As far as you can evaluate the truth value of my comments and posts, you may believe, or disbelieve me, as I tell you my “gravatar” is actually me, few years back in Poland. As if this mattered.

            Forgive me, if I sometimes tend to be a bit blunt. It is the result of me being a Finn. We all have our cultural indoctrinations. 🙂

            I really love reading Violet. She has the ability to put out so many posts, I am not even able to follow, but when I do, it allways inspires me.

            I really respect physicsandwhiskey, for the intellectual effot he puts into rationalizing his values.

            P.S. Eeka!

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