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Women can now bare breasts legally in New York

One more step for women equality! Women can now go shirtless too! (forget no shirts , no shoes, no service… ๐Ÿ˜‰ you could have a whole new kind of hooters restaurant legally!….)

Next up for equal rights….
Women we must get together and demand urinals in the ladies stalls. We have a right to pee standing up too!
Equality people!!!

Because we all know equal rights means we get treated exactly the same even if we are different…….



  1. i wonder what the motivation for allowing this was….mmmm…Do you reckon whoever decided this was male ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • lol….most certainly, Rich….

  2. Women want to go topless on the streets? Whatever for?

    • that is a good question…

  3. rautakyy

    I think the problem here is, that for emancipation of women they need to reach the norm of an actual human being and a fully fledged member of the society, as the norm set in the traditional pathriarcal society for a human being is “man”.

    • Yes, the very heart of the issue Rautakyy.
      My post was rendered in sarcasm this morning, in the middle of my first cup of coffee before i was off to work…i have to watch that post and run…I even forgot i had posted this by the time i got back home… (oops)
      You brought up the pertinent point. We (at least here in the U.S.) seem to have a great habit of the pendulum swing. When reaching for balance, and the great awesomeness liberty and justice, freedom and equality…..we usually swing the pendulum all the way to extremes….and it just gets silly sometimes…

      After the last school shooting, schools decided any type of gun play (cops and robbers, cowboys, army, etc) A boy was suspended for biting his breakfast poptart into the shape of a gun…(he was going for the mountains but realized it looked more like a gun) pointed it and was sent to the office. Another for pretending his finger was a gun…a six year old girl for talking about shooting each other when they got home with bubbles…(a hello kitty bubble blower shaped a bit like a gun)
      it was beyond ridiculous…

      meanwhile….women really do need emancipation, and to be fully fledged members of the society…
      I think we went the wrong way with this one…..

      • Argus

        Only in America, hey? Why is that …

  4. I’ve seen collective urinals for women in China. Not a good thing, I think. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like how you write that having equal rights does not mean we want to be treated exactly the same.

  5. And why does it’s seem most of the women expressing their right to be half naked up here have the largest breasts in the world. Smh. Reason it should still be illegal, some men aren’t mature enough to walk in a park and see a topless woman. I saw a man literally walk into an elderly couple because he was so focused on the free flowing jugs of a femi-natzi who was downing men as a whole to be the devil. Though I got a huge laugh at it, it goes to show, some people (both sides of this story male and female) are just doing things for the wrong reason. It is a pretty distracting site, I must say. Lol.

    • Nice to get your perspective on it as you are witnessing it live there in New York dazzle. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I wondered how it would affect ….men staring. I had not thought it could cause actual wrecks or accidents… but i suppose there it is.

  6. Argus

    In New Zealand the indoctrinated unthinking card-carry politically correct sheople were guided towards total sexual ‘equality’ (equivalence?) by the introduction of ‘unisex’ toilets and washrooms.

    You rarely (if ever) see so-called unisex facilities these days. Why is that? I think it could be because too many guys need be fitted with a gunsight, especially the basic ones who don’t lift the seat before letting fly, and can’t be bothered flushing anyway …

    As for boobs on beaches, why not? The ancient Egyptian ladies used to wear their dresses up to (but tucked) under the boobles and it was no big deal. Hide something and you give it an unearned erotic appeal, I guess. Victorian men used to go gaga over a mere glimpse of a lady’s ankleโ€”hell, in the genteel homes even piano legs were covered.

    All human ‘rights’ are applicable equally to all humans everywhere. It’s just that in some jurisdictions they are only selectively applied.

  7. archaeopteryx1

    One-way ticket to New York, please —


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