love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Do you live by faith?

5-18-13 012

Two childhood friends sat side by side.
The first was trying to convince the second that magic was real.
“I saw it with my own eyes!”
the second said…”but I have seen that trick too. And it IS a trick.
Here, I ‘ll show you.”
The first was discouraged, but continued in hope….
“That may have been a trick, but that does not mean all magic is a trick.
I still believe!”~
The second said, “though magic does seem really cool, I’ll keep on testing it out,
because well…reality rules.”

The first was disappointed still, and rather demanded to know …
“just how do you believe in anything?
How can you live like that?
you can’t go around your whole life only
believing in stuff that you have proof for can you? *
what about love?”

The second just smiled and said…
“oh yes I can….
what about love?
there is evidence that it “exists”…

As in the Words of Tim Minchin:

Love without evidence is….stalking.


A response to those who suggest that we ALL live by …faith….



  1. Whatever floats your boat 🙂

    • oh footsy….you’re a sweetheart. 🙂 (((hugs)))

  2. This is cool! Is it from a Tim Minchin song?

    • thank you Nate! it was a little story to explain a thought…(or argument) …I express better through stories, (and learn better that way… 😉 )
      The Quote “Love without evidence is stalking’ is from a Tim Minchin bit, and it sort of inspired my story. (along with a lively discussion regarding ……evidence) You

      • Lately I have been in several discussions re: how love is something we believe in without evidence, and things like Justice. How can we believe in justice, if there is no reason to believe in it? is it a thing? any more than god? love? etc…
        But I think love and justice ARE tangible things that we define….(and can see evidence of…)

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