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It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Do your beliefs (or lack thereof) affect your life?

A question for consideration:

Please feel free to grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and ponder, reflect, consider.
Then if you are willing, share and discuss.

If you were to suddenly wake up and find that you had become the opposite of what you are now,
(for the believer- a non believer, for the atheist, a believer)
What would change about your life?



  1. Nice thought. I think the first (and perhaps most shocking) would be the huge sense of hope. I am an atheist- there is no changing that, but i *wish* that i was a believer. To believe in heaven, paradise and all that- it seems great. So if i woke up and did believe, well i guess it would be great.
    I wonder how many believers truely believe? Or how many believe because they want hope?

    • Thanks for you answer Rich. That makes sense to me.

  2. I’ll just leave a (((hug))) πŸ˜€

    • oh Thank you!!!! ((((hugs)))) are marvelous! πŸ˜€

  3. I think Richard nailed it: a real longing for the afterlife. I’d probably still care about the state of the earth, but i wouldn’t really ‘care,’ you know what I mean: “It’s just the earth, after all…. nothing really important. Heaven is where its at, and that’s where i’m going! I’m sure god will sort out future generations, because that’s what god does…”

    • yes, exactly John. The idea that this life is just a blip or dot compared to eternity does effect how one views everything here and now…

      • It’s why i think it necessary to actually confront religion and exorcise it from the human condition. If not out-and-out regressive it is an excuse (a facilitator) stopping people from acting for the common good and finding long-term solutions to very real problems.

  4. This is hard for me to simulate.

  5. If I compare how I live now to a traditional view of a churchgoing religious person (or what I imagine that person’s life to be like) I think one of the biggest differences would be to accept the authority of another. Either of a God, by means of the bible, or some representative. That would be a life-changing event for me, I think.
    I like how you just ask a question without expecting a certain type of answer, Holly! πŸ™‚

    • Ah, good point lively. When I let go of where I was before…I felt a bit lost because of that very fact. I had always lived with authority over me. Always considered myself a vessel to be used by another…for another’s …purpose. Having to rediscover life with a different set of glasses on….took awhile to get my footing…

      • From what I’ve read so far, you did a great job! (I am very serious when I say that.)

  6. This must be a trick question.
    It reminds me of walking through a haunted house with all the funny mirrors. LET ME OUT!
    I guess if I reversed roles, I would hope that everybody else I knew had reversed roles too. Then I could still bug the same people I bug now only in the opposite way. πŸ™‚

    But I really don’t bug.

    • Ladysighs….:D you are too funny.
      (is this meme?)
      I think sometimes if we can try to imagine what life is like for the other person…
      and how it would change or affect us to have their mindset…
      it allows us to see more possibilities, and/or at least have more empathy for those who have differing perspectives than our own.

      • LOL
        I started a new blog last winter. I didn’t even tell my followers. I wanted to be something else or maybe somebody else. So your current post did have some meaning for me. Although I piddle in poetry, I wanted ladysighs to be a bit more serious. Seems that didn’t work out too well. 😦
        I finally exposed myself and have about the same followers on each and really hope I provide a little something different in each blog.
        It does keep me piddling. πŸ™‚

        I guess I could have meme be the nonbeliever and lady the believer. lol

  7. rautakyy

    It is very important to at least try to set oneself in the position of a nother, to honestly try to understand that other person. For me this religious opposite is a very hard concept, since I have allways been an atheist and there are no religious people in my family. But I have very good friends with a multitude of religious beliefs. And it is by setting myself to their shoes, I can have a glimpse of what it might be them.

    Naturally it would have some practical implications to the way I go about my life, if I became the “opposite” of myself in regards to theism. Many religions have a number of rituals they go through and as arbitrary as they seem to me as an atheist, I can see the appeal in these.

    I have attended secular rituals and so the ritual part is not so hard to empathisize. What is hard, is to imagine how it affects people to be aware of some other persona all the time occupying their thoughts and questioning their motives. I question my motives, and consider how any of my actions affect other people, and how they percieve them, but the idea that there is some force all the time aware of my thoughts, is ultimately alien to me, and it bothers me a bit, that the religious people do not seem to act as if they really believed in such, though they profess to have faith in it.

    The entire idea of prayer in some religions, seems to go against the omnipresence of their gods. As if the entity had all the time knowledge of ones every thought, but one would still have to specially contact the entity, to address it directly. Do they think that the rest of their thoughts fade away to some sort of backround noise in regards to this omnipotent and omnipresent entity, or what? You see, how even when I try to be empathetic, I get tangled up with these strange concepts?

    Of course there are religions that do not go so far to describe their supernatural deities. The more “primitive” religions, in wich such paradoxes do not appear, but in wich basicly the gods and spirits seem to exist only for some particular purposes and so on…

    • Those are some great questions and observations. As a child, I remember really struggling with the “reading my mind ” thing. I worried that if god knew my thoughts..maybe satan did too. I wondered if i could block my thoughts from either. I wondered if i had to say things out loud for them to know..if they knew things by knowing us, and how we were made, or if they really could hear every thought in my head as if i had said it out loud. And how did he ever keep up with all of us? Maybe that was why we had to pray…it opened the communication up with him to get his attention? This struggle of thought with a being i could not see reading my mind, led me to more magical thought.

      I wondered if others could read my mind as well.

  8. As a believer of sorts this is a scary thought. I would probably consider opting out πŸ™‚

    • Footsy, how do you mean…opting out? of the exercise?

  9. I am a non-believer. If I woke up tomorrow believing in God, and that one thing changed in isolation, I think I would be much sadder. I would be sad to believe that servitude it a major point to a life that I have been living quite differently. I would be sad to discover that the suffering of this world is at the whims of a Being that could stop it. I would be sad that I am expected to worship that Being. I would be sad that everything I have learned about and done to safeguard this planet (and impotent as that has been) has been the study and protection of an insignificant blip in terms of my continued existence.
    I would also be sad that as much as I value all those things, I would be encouraged to ignore them in exchange for Heaven. And I would be sad that I would succumb to that pressure in exchange for eternal bliss.
    But I don’t think that belief occurs in people in isolation. I think belief comes with a set of values that can turn those bits of religion into either good things or ignorable things.

    Also, you have good coffee over here.

    • That was interesting allallt. Thanks for sharing. And I am glad you like the coffee. There’s plenty more. πŸ™‚

  10. The sprint tower where I live is down and neither of our phones can recieve or make calls 😦 I Went to the phone stores today to see if it was something with Just out phones but it’s not. I’ll call as soon as it’s workings again. Love muchly. Post was brilliant as always. Xoxo

    • Thanks for letting me know sweetie luv u 2!

  11. rautakyy

    A lack of beliefs does not, affect my life in any way. πŸ˜‰ All my beliefs affect my life on some level. I set the alarmklock in the evening, because I believe there will be a new dawn to wich I need to wake up.

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