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Regarding manna and subjective encounters

The personal experience.  For most theists, this is the kicker.  They have had some sort of personal encounter or experience with which convinced them that god was real. 

One cannot really argue very well about that.  It is a personal experience after all.  Nothing one says can really affect what another has experienced.

I had my own list of personal experiences as a believer.  The problem being, as a skeptic I felt the need to lay them out and examine them. Some say this is the work of the devil. 😉
I however, feel that if god is to be all powerful, all everything, that such an encounter should indeed be able to stand up under the best scrutiny.

Consider Thomas, asking to see the hands and feet.  That seemed a reasonable request to a skeptie. 

My encounters were in moments of extreme duress.  Combined with fasting. (and a little sleep deprivation).  Research shows both sleep and food deprivation can cause things that would appear to be “encounters”.

Other moments , could be construed to be coincidence.  And when the same “wink” or act occurred outside of need…it suddenly lost its..special touch.


Consider the story of Manna falling for the Israelites. It was recorded as falling at the exact time they needed it.  A miracle.  A touch from God.  A personal encounter by a personal god.  yes?
What if that manna fell again when they had no need.  when they had plenty and were not lacking?

Then, would questions be asked? what is it? where does it come from? How does it come?
Suddenly it would be a mystery to be solved, a scientific one, and not a “miracle”.  Because it was not needed at that time.

So my challenge to myself was to begin observing every occurrence that happened. And realizing how many times “coincidences” that did not match what I expected got ignored.

And being willing to look at such encounters from opposing viewpoints , (i believe) allowed me to be more objective.





  1. Well, considering the Exodus is complete bunk i think we’ll need another example a miracle 🙂

    • lol, it was merely for illustrative purposes… 😀

  2. By doing that, miracles end up being swept under the carpet.

  3. I like how you imagine that manna would have fallen without there being a real need…And what people would think in that case.
    I know many people who believe in a higher meaning of coincidences, often from a new age perspective. This morning, I was looking up a quote by Hesiod and once I had found it, I quit writing my blogpost and I went back to the book I had been reading before. When I turned the page, I found a quote from Hesiod. For me, coincidence is the only explanation. I still had a laugh, though! 🙂

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