love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Additional thoughts on h-e-double toothpick

Is it wrong to kill or torture someone for their beliefs? if they are different than yours?

Or would you say how we act here is to be love. Which would not include killing and /torturing people for their beliefs or lack thereof?

How does one justify moral outrage at killing (x)people who believe differently (like the Jews) for being who they are….the Jews.
When one readily accepts “a maker” who will burn them for all eternity for being who they are…the Jews. (x could be replaced with any other religious belief or non that varies from the particular team hell evangelical belief)

I think this is probably the key difference between christianity and other religions. The sacrificial atonement theory necessitates that all be worthy of hell, even without making any consciences choices to act in a way that would be deemed (by human standards) worthy of it. No matter what they believe..or how they live.



  1. Christianity and Islam (Judaism to a lesser extent) are just death cults…. although surprisingly most theists can’t even recognise that.

    • rautakyy

      Oh, John, they do recognize the death cult aspect in the parallel religions, but not in their own… At least, if they are committed. If they are not committed, they are not even very much interrested and believe some vague stuff they learned as kids, but only because they never stop to think about it. I am not so worried about the religiously committed loonies, who are beyond help (as with alcoholism the healing begins within self), but I am worried about the non-committed ones who – as a result of their disinterrest – are easily led by the committed loonies in the wildest political agendas.

      Very good point Holly!

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