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A timely message….before it is too late.

Please watch this short but brilliant one and a half minute video before reading.

Last year we began struggling. Financially. The decision to drop cell phones was a very difficult one. I had , well, rather gotten used to it. The convenience. I mean can you imagine life without remotes? Having to get up to change the channels on the tv, get out of one’s car to open the garage, etc etc. Our life of convenience has become a way of life. The cell phone was no different. Everything has become an instant/now never have to wait, life. The little beep telling you your facebook has been updated, or posted on, someone has “liked your post” or a tweet mentions your name, (never could figure out the twitter thing). Text messages constant all through the day, and everyone moving towards unlimited everything so they could text as many messages, tweet as many tweets a minute as one wanted.

It all started of course with the idea that if you are out on the road and your car breaks down you don’t have to flag someone down for help. You can call your loved one, or your technician instantly. With kids this is a huge plus. Doesn’t this sound important? Then your kids can also reach you if there is an emergency at school no matter where you are…instantly. Like having a live wire reaching across touching your loved ones so you are never disconnected. If you have lost a loved one in an accident this is a HUGE pull.

So….how could I give up that access? That tie to my loved ones?
Well, necessity of lack of funds took its toll and that was one thing (among many) that had to go.
I didn’t think I could do it. But I have. You can actually live today without a cell phone!~
I have also pulled myself back from all the “online world” gradually. And feel as if becoming unplugged was the best thing that happened to me.

Just read this from the Cultural Monk .
I believe more and more are discovering in our day and age that we are going to have to learn to “Disconnect to Connect”.



  1. Oh the joys of spending a full day in the National Library, pouring through books as they slowly stacked up around, filling pages with handwritten notes…

    • I love the feel of a book in hand….I have never been sold over to the whole….nook…idea. But I must admit..the amount of information available at ones fingertips if one wants to learn about a subject nowadays is…addictive.

  2. LOVE!!! THANK YOU!!! and sharing if I may!!!

    • Of course and always. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Thank you for posting this, Holly! (Do you recognise me with the new avatar?)
    I’ve been reading up on the Stoics recently and they tell you to frequently imagine that all these things that you’re accustomed to might not be there anymore. So that you can prepare yourself.
    But when I thought about it, I realised it’s much harder to give your cellphone back than to never have had one. I think what you do is courageous. And I hope you’ll see some unexpected advantages, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh lively! I see I have missed a lot! (((Hugs)))
      I like how monk talks about how he had allowed the incessant beeps of online people notifications to keep him awake a bit through the night and how nice it was to go silent…shut it off and let it go. Not permanently for him, but learning to put control valves on the device. We seem to be creatures of excess…..

  4. Every thing can be a double edged sword.
    When we lost Internet recently for six weeks due to cable damage it was a blessing in disguise. I completed two novel rewrites and some very important editing. Editing that I may well have overlooked.
    All said and done, I prefer to be with it, rather than without, if only to Skype my folks and other family overseas.
    Life is all about balance.

    • Oh, that was a blessing in disguise. Delighted you got rewrites done!Excited about the ebook I get to read!~!!! Thank you oodles!!!
      I do like to have internet access and wouldn’t mind a cell phone again but I believe having to give it up allowed me to step back and see how I was losing balance myself. It is indeed all about balance.

  5. Your last line states the problem very well Holly. I only use my cell when I have to.

    • That is the way to keep it as a tool, not something that gains control over us….The very best way Elena. By the way….I am so smitten by your artwork. I haven’t always gotten to leave a comment when i would like…but some mornings I get the email and just….smile. LOVE your work.

  6. That video was awesome.

    I’ve been trying to leave my cell in the car lately when I go places and focus on really being present with whomever I’m with at the time. I don’t have a smart phone either and I love it, even if I’m the only one. ((:

    • Thank you evolved love. “being really present” with those we are with…..that’s the key. Leaving it in the car sounds like a great plan of action! Simple steps where we take control back…(or keep control like you seem to have ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
      I remember going to a movie a couple of years back and seeing little lit up phones all over the auditorium. A couple rang out loud and one person even talked out loud on their phone seemingly oblivious to those of us around them. Our social etiquette seems to be de-evolving to narcissism….

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