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batman vs superman (omnipotent vs omniscience?) ;) GO!

So I just heard that the new batman movie is going to be batman vs superman.
For fans of either there has been an ongoing war.  Very rarely do people like both equally.

There seem to be batman fans who think superman is nothing compared to batman,

and vice versa.

My first thought was in the last batman, he was omniscient.  Using the cellphones of the entire city to be able to see and hear everything instantly.  My son pointed out that batman also is stealthier, has better toys, erm…gadgets, and that there was NO way superman could beat him.  But superman is omnipotent right? all powerful? bullets can’t hurt him!

bullet proof vest mom…

Ah, true.

He can stop a train!

explosives and cool gadgets mom…

Ah, yes.

and mom….


.  Ah, the downfall…

does batman have a weakness?…he is mortal…but the cool gadgets seem to render him nearly immortal…


My older son said, batman vs superman? come on…

I’ll tell you what would be cool….

Killer Crock vs superman.
that is…Killer Crock with surgically implanted Kryptonite teeth…

which do you place your money on? 😉



  1. Alice is more powerful than them all 🙂

    • Hi john! INDEED……they have got nothing on Alice. 🙂

  2. rautakyy

    Superman is more powerfull, and has powers that are not really explained in any way. They are implausible. What makes Batman more appealing character is, that he is not superhuman like superman. He is just a rich guy whith a lot of gadgets. If only the rich guys of this real world had nearly as high ehtics as he does…

    • very true. I am drawn to the fact superman is an alien, who wants to use his power for good..but his lack of depth of humanness alienates his followers . It is so much easier to identify with the very real human struggles batman deals with …(minus of course the money problems :D) I agree that the world would be a better place if those without money problems had his ethics.

  3. I agree with Rautakyy… Superman is by far more powerful, but because he is not human, it is hard to compare. The coolest thing about Batman, is he is a man. He is wealthy. He has awesome toys and vehicles and he uses them all for good. He is more realistic. He is more relatable to, even though, honestly, in all reality, we could never do what he does, it is still possible, even if in the tiniest bit. Now, by far, I really liked the latest Superman movie, because it showed his strength in character… even though he was all powerful, he had full self-control. But, the human side of Batman sways me every time…. He’s just too cool!

    • agreed sis! there is something that draws me to the human struggle with in him. His battle over fear , over loss of loved ones and wanting to get revenge…something we can more identify with. But seriously…part of his strength is his circle of loyal, dedicated , trustworthy friends who are not afraid to speak their minds to him…who could ask for more? 🙂

  4. rautakyy

    Besides, Batman has way cooler outfit and image.

  5. Argus

    To introduce a wild card … I vote Merida (and she is Foxy ~!)

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