love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

All the way to the moon…with reason…and back again.

We may go to the moon, but that’s not very far. The greatest distance we have to cover still lies within us.

~ Charles de Gaulle

As we make great strides in knowledge, somehow the very obvious, the basics seem to be obfuscated for us.
The matters of …what lies within. How to live with our fellow human and all other living things….

So reason away, learn new truths! Absorb new knowledge, and never again be bound by dogma …..

But do not forget the matters of what lies within…who we are, who we hope to be, who we can be..
and the choices before us…

If we ARE all we have got…
the choice is…whether that all will be enough.

To the moon! let us plan…what is next and where for humankind!
great and wonderful, fascinating and marvelous discoveries and things…
but what good are these things…
if we are no longer here to experience them?
each other.



  1. Hey Holly and how are you?
    It is important to look within, to conquer ourselves and most of all to learn to live with others and ourselves

  2. I follow a wonderful blog that fills me with hope: Republic of Lagrangia. Mordanicus, a Dutchman/woman (?), had dedicated their blog to planning our future humanist space colonies. It’s really quite wonderful.

  3. archaeopteryx1

    • Is this your blog? Are you kuba?

      • archaeopteryx1

        No, Kuba is a lovely, charming, irreverent citizen of the Netherlands, who was kind enough to ask me to guest-post on her blog on occasion. My greatest regret, about her posting that, was that she broke it up into seven installments. I’ve little doubt Mr. Ross wanted it to be viewed in its entirety, otherwise it loses a great deal of its impact.

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