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Marge and the invisible unfeelable car….

Marge sat looking at the ticket flabbergasted. What the sam hill??!!?!
How can you get a ticket for hitting an invisible car? This whole thing was like a weird nightmare/circus of a dream. And yet, she had pinched herself plenty of times and not woken up.
She looked up at the judge. Surely this was all a mistake, candid camera? or…maybe a Rémi Gaillard prank? and Remi would pop in here at any moment making sense of the whole shenanigan..
Finally her name was called.
Marge sighed and went forward. Yes?
“You have been charged with backing into and totaling Ms Finnegan’s car. How do you plead?”

Marge’s lawyer shuffled his papers, gave her a quick look, and cleared his throat. “The defendant has chosen to enter the plea ‘not guilty’, your Honor.”

The claimant’s attorney began the case, showing pictures, bills from auto mechanics, witnesses who say they had been in the car and were able to tell the car was no longer drivable even after all the labor that was put into it by the auto mechanics.

Marge’s mouth just continued to hang open. If you cannot see the car, and cannot feel it by touch…
how the heck could you really tell it worked? She could not understand how anyone could say they had been in it…How did this work? it felt and looked…just like air?!?!?!?!
Were they lying? were they functioning on some other plane or dimension than her? They admitted they could not see or feel the car but “knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had been “in” the car”. They could …”sense” it. For that matter …how did the auto-mechanics work on it? what a great scam that could be…perhaps everyone should start selling insurance for invisible cars…after all you never know when you might hit one…if you can’t see them!

The judge said the evidence was racking up. She had to admit it was a bit….
Good grief, how could the auto-mechanics even be brought up with perjury even if it WAS a fake “emperors new clothes” kinda thing? no one could actually prove the invisible unfeelable car did not exist….could they?

What would you do?
Do you think you could beat the case?



  1. Oh, i like this! Fantastic analogy.

    • Thanks John. It was inspired again by a discussion board. In which opposing point of view presenters are claiming that we shall be held accountable for that which we can not see, because we should be able to see it.
      and of course the usual…we don’t see it because we don’t want to, or there is sin in our lives we don’t want to give up…etc.
      Already the responses are …

      “Christianity claims that when she totalled the car she could see it but hated it and rammed it on purpose but since she has had a sleep on it, has amnesia about her actions….or so she claims…All will be brought to the light, ie, the full truth will be understood by everyone before she is judged and without proof there will be no judgment.
      That is Christianity so your straw man may get singed a little in the hot light of the truth”
      “How many fallacies does your fallen and sinful imagination commit to if your comparing this scenario to biblical standards? LOL. Anthropomorphism, False dilemma, self justification, Special pleading, strawman, emotional and humanistic totally non
      provable appeals? arbitrary non provablable self-rightenouness via stupid worldly comparisons? Plus many more i have not thought of as it’s late, i am tired and i’m of to bed? LOL, please, this is Juvenile and worthy of a students or kids forum. ”

      I think they do not agree with your assessment. lol

      might as well beat my head on the wall …as that would be probably more effective than reasonable conversation.

  2. Hey Holly, interesting thoughts here. This is would be a bad case if your judge believes in voo doo, You’d loose

    • very true mak. I was hoping it might stir some on “the other side” to put their selves in Marge’s shoes and see what it feels like to struggle with not seeing what others claim to “know is there”.

  3. Anj Tuesday

    *coffee* c(_)
    It must be pretty iffy to be charged with a crime against something only you can’t (pretend to) see. Maybe you could plead mental blindness…

    • (((Anj))) you sooo got it. 😉
      mental blindness…lol!!! that’s perfect!

  4. Bravo.
    I love it.
    I wish I had an invisible car payment.
    Seriously though, I love this post.

  5. archaeopteryx1

    I would plead ‘guilty,’ and pay the fine with unfeelable, invisible money.

    • lol! the perfect answer. 😀

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