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War? meanwhile….change for women in Saudi Arabia!

So looks like world war three may be just around the corner.
It appears someone wants it and is pushing for it. (conspiracy theories be damned)

The questions Serj Tankian dares to ask in the midst is…”why would Assad use chemical weapons”?

“US Armenian band singer Serj Tankian had addressed the heated developments in Syria in a Facebook post, expressing his concerns over the reported use of chemical weapons in the country.

His post is presented below:

I’m really concerned about the “evidence” against the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons as an excuse for intervention. Remember the “slam dunk” evidence against Iraq? Why would Assad use chemical weapons when he has the lead and in his own neighborhood ? Doesn’t make any sense to me. Would it be a far notion to assume that Al Qaeda or Al Nusra Front would do this to get the West involved? This time let the people of the world see the evidence and let the UN General Assembly make the decision of involvement, not a few nations of the Security Council. Just some thoughts.

A fair question…but will they take time for further investigation? Will the pictures of the deaths be used to push forward someones agenda? (and whos)?

meanwhile…In Saudi Arabia, (seems to have been lost in the war news)
In a historic moment for women and children! Laws have been passed for the first time, protecting women, children and domestic staff against domestic abuse!

Under the 17-article legislation, those found guilty of committing psychological or physical abuse could face prison sentences of up to one year and up to 50,000 riyals (£8,600) in fines.

“This is a good law that serves major segments of the society in the kingdom, including women, children, domestic workers and non-domestic workers,” said Khaled al-Fakher, secretary general of the National Society for Human Rights, a government-licensed body.

Previously, domestic violence against women, children or workers was treated under a general penal code based on sharia law.

Judges were left to decide according to their understanding of sharia codes, which were seen as permitting mild violence against “disobedient” wives and generally treated domestic violence as a private matter.

“We are always in favour of an explicit law that does not need interpretations or personal judgment,” said Fakher, whose organization helped draft the law.

Hip Hip Hooray! Something to celebrate and give us a little hope the midst…



  1. I have wondered about this from the off. Knowing full well the repercussions, why the hell would Assad gas his own people?
    A) He is insane and thus doesn’t care.
    B) Some equally insane or corrupt military commanders have gone ahead and used the gas without authority. ( and there have been no calls from Assad to suggest this is the case, have there?)
    C) Rebels have used it as a ruse and the Yanks are either dumb as dog shit or know it’s nonsense and are going in what the hell.

  2. archaeopteryx1

    Yes, we should applaud the decision in Saudi Arabia, where women are still not allowed to drive cars, but let’s not forget Raif Badawi, who is facing 1000 lashes for criticizing Islam.

    • There is still very far to go. 😦

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