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Ghoul in the mirror…

So, I am blow drying my hair over my head in the bathroom. Humming a little tune, having tucked the boys in was my downtime. The heat is warm, and I flip my hair back out of my face, and down my back again. But as I glance into the mirror…to my horror …there appears to be a ghoul standing directly behind me. I am screaming at the top of my lungs….the hairdryer drops into the sink, and my rotten totten 14 year old….who now towers above me….grabs the blanket off of his head and grabs me while laughing to let me know…it is just him.
Do I believe in ghouls or ghosts or apparitions?
contrary to my reaction….no….
did my son give me a near heart attack? …yes
is it time to plot revenge? Absolutely….



  1. Please when you revenge share with us the plot

    • Indeed…. 😀

  2. Poor Holly! I hope you think up something really scary to respond to this….But have some coffee, first! 😉

    • lively…for 5 seconds i think my mind thought i was inside a horror movie…lol…
      I am glad the sink did not have water in it…

  3. Allie Cook

    ugh! my 13 year old grabbed me when I was outside in the dark calling for the dog and freaked cuz I thought I’d ran into a spider web, so in that hyper freaked out state I back up slowly, just to get grabbed and growled at…. I too screamed bloody murder.

    • ah dear sis. I do not think it is coffee we need…I think it might be something like benadryl that would better serve us…lol. my nerves are shot as of late…
      I was afraid someone (like an officer) would come knocking on our door for about twenty minutes after the blood curdling scream….I certainly would have reported such a sound…::headdesk::

  4. I can’t think of anything for payback. I’m usually so good at this. So, I’m with Mac… detail your plot in a post.

  5. Funny how that works. Despite being completely sceptical, if I saw something that looks like a ghoul I’d probably freak out too. It think it has something to do with these “systems 1 and 2” Daniel Kahneman speaks about…

    • what systems are those? should i google ,david?

  6. ::update::
    I enlisted the help of my 10 year old. He hid in the dryer, while i was…”tucking him in” (yes, i still tuck both of my boys in) Told my oldest i was going to “tuck” the youngest in…and then when I got back to him, asked him to please grab the clothes out of the dryer and dump them on my bed for me to fold. He agreed. (such good boys…;) ) As he reached in, my youngest grabbed at him from the clothes and he yelled out falling to the floor. Thought it was some sort of demon or something for half of a second.. 😀
    Unfortunately he doesn’t think we are…even. He wants revenge for the revenge!!!
    world war three….it has…begun

  7. archaeopteryx1

    is it time to plot revenge? Absolutely….” – LOVE it! Now THAT’s a family!

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