love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

outside the lines…and reflections…

In life , we live by our own standards, codes, guidelines, and rules.
Many of which we share with the society we live in, whether by choice, agreement, or because simply…we live there. And many we elect to follow because we find them beneficial to ourselves, and our relationships.

This post is meant only as a question to those interested in self reflection.

What do you do when you get upset?

Do you sometimes choose to do things that you regret the next morning?

Do you decide who cares about the lines! I am mad! I deserve to live outside the lines today…!!

Do you sometimes take out this “living outside the lines” on those you love? …

Do you take it out on yourself?

Do you break promises? to self or others?

Is there a way to remember the lines are there for a reason?

And that even in anger, or frustration we should respect the lines?

Would that cause less regret when the anger wears off?

Is that worth reflecting upon?

Have you found ways to help you live within your lines?
Things that work?
If so, What works for you?



  1. who made the lines… and why?

  2. If I care to make the picture perfect, I will color within the lines. If I do not like the picture as it was given to me, I will color outside of the lines. I may have a disablilty that keeps me from staying within the lines. I may just be rebellious. I may be OCD and HAVE to obey the lines and NEVER cross them… But why the picture in the first place? Just years of evolution, the lines appeared? by chance… a picture formed?

  3. lines that you choose to live within. I probably should have reflected more before writing this. sometimes I am not clear and assume the reader has followed my train of thought.

    Lines like marital vows, promises you make to those you love, promises you make to yourself because of learning how certain behaviors affect yourself or others.
    For instance, if you have promised a spouse you would not turn to drink when you get upset, or if you have promised yourself that you will live by the doctors orders, or if you have promised your spouse, you would not spend money you don’t have, or if you have promised yourself you would not eat a box of cookies in one setting….
    and then we have…stressors. Things that happen that upset us…something a spouse, family member or friend, says or does that upsets us…
    and suddenly our own “lines” we have chosen to live within…become…invisible..or breakable…

    we make our own lines, because we discover that in order to have a picture…
    (life) and in order to live that life with others, we need to define our lines…

  4. I dunno… Some mistakes are just too much fun not to repeat. Lines are meant to be crossed, prohibitions invite transgressions, that’s just the way we are, I think. That said, I think one’s word should be as good as gold. A promise made in good faith should be kept until a compelling, altering, perhaps a do-or-die life-changing event makes it impossible not to break.

    What are the boundaries that we draw to be true to ourselves, and why do we draw them?

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