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3. Why do you worry about religious evil doers and not atheist evil doers as well?

Enquiries on Atheism

It’s difficult to take this question terribly seriously as it demonstrates a level of ignorance which ultimately only lessens the conversation. The simple answer, though, is I worry about all evil doers regardless of race, political affiliation, ideology, belief system, colour or creed. Any wanton disregard for social cohesion and the common good should attract the criticism and objections of sane individuals.  It’s a colossal failure in definition, however, to draw an association between religious and atheist evil doers, and to demonstrate this one need only pose a simple question: name a single individual in all of human history who has killed (or indeed perpetrated any heinous act) in the name of atheism?

Atheism (the absence of belief in the gods) is a justification for nothing. It motivates no action except for perhaps the rational rebuttal to unjustified religious interference in the day-to-day operation of our secular societies. It generally…

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  1. Gakeat

    I do basically agree with the post that is reblogged here. Hitler, of course, was a theist no matter what certain Christians says, while Stalin and Mao did their atrosities in the name of Communism (even though atheism is an, but not the most important, part of Communism). Most atheists are not Communists, and to me, freethinking is contrary to Communism.

  2. Argus

    Unless of course the people you mistakenly deem immoral are serving the Lord.

    The Pope himself called for crusades, don’t forget—can God’s Vicar On Earth possibly be evil?

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