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It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

What do you believe in?

What do you believe in?

For the atheist, it is very easy to discuss what they do not believe in.  But I would like to ask a more important question.

What DO you believe in?  What makes this life worth living to you? What keeps you going when all looks dark?


Consider a world in which a zombie Apocalypse occurs, In the current popular tv show “The Walking Dead”
we observe differing personalities, and belief systems as they face such dire and seemingly hopeless end times. Does suicide make more sense? What is the purpose in keeping on fighting? How do humans keep going when it appears all hope is gone?

In the latest episode, on top of the zombies, the humans face near wipe out from some flue like plague.
Hershel is a character that still maintains a belief even though he certainly doesn’t understand what is going on. One of the best lines so far has been his…”Hershel Greene: I can’t profess to understand God’s plan, Christ promised the resurrection of the dead. I just thought he had something a little different in mind.” Hershel struggles maintaining hope and belief. He at one point says, I have to believe there is a purpose in all this…I have to.
It is his way of keeping hope alive. Far too easy to give up.

Someone once asked me what I believe in now…
I believe in love, in honesty, in compassion, in courage, that reality rules, in walking the journey we are given with each other. Sharing the moments….
Is that enough to keep hope alive?
It has been for me…

What do you believe in?



  1. rautakyy

    Life is a journey. And as with many journeys, the way we travel – the journey itself – is more important, than the ultmate goal. In case of life the final goal is death, but I for one surely like to keep travelling, rather than hurry to the end.

    I believe much in the same things you listed. I also believe in the value of fairness (wich is actually only the reverse side of compassion). I find it very satisfying to do good and to be fair. To do something worth while not only to me, but to others as well. To find the balance between my own desires and the desires of other people even those who have not been even born yet. That is the reward and we certainly are here to enjoy it now, regardless, if anything happens after we as individuals perish.

    • That was a most lovely addition Rautakyy. I thank you.

  2. Art, and understanding the universe.

    Great to see you back, Holly. Hope all’s well.

    • Thank you , John. All is well.
      Ohhh! smashing additions ! And how could i forget laughter!! Humor! and music! 😀

  3. Glad to see you back Holly, it’s been a while.
    I believe in the value of friendship on top of those you listed

    • Hello Mak!!! yes indeed. friendship on top…it makes the journey….bearable….

  4. Gakeat

    Right now what I can say I believe in does not either require or exclude a belief in a deity of any kind. I believe that we should try to understand each other in our common humanity. That love is better than hate, and peace is better than war. That we should work for inclusion rather than exclusion, and that we need to figure out a way to more evenly distribute resources. I think that those of us with progressive values, whether theists and nontheists can and should work on those things that are shared in common. I appreciate thought provoking post.

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