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This is it….

So I found myself crying last night…after watching a show on the telly. It was Law and Order SVU,
An episode in which a mother takes some time away from her husband and two children to “sow her oats”,
check out the world and see what else is out there. She wanted space to think about their marriage and life, and what she had missed. She ends up realizing that she loves her family and they are the life that she wants to live. But on the night she sends them that message, how she loves and misses them…
She is brutally raped and killed by a homeless former sex offender, whom she had offered a bit of food to in a compassionate moment. In the episode you watch her two children and husband playing her last message, after finding out about her death. The message that they are everything to her…and she cannot wait to come home.

Is there anything you are putting off? Any regrets with cobwebs growing on them? Have you told the most important people in your life…the most important things you need to say?

“If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you’ll be right. Every morning I looked in the mirror and asked myself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I do today? ”― Steve Jobs



  1. Jobs’ description is correct, but sadly most of us are unable to simply ditch our responsibilities and go fishing ( for example).
    If faced with imminent death one could be forgiven for acting in what might appear a selfish manner – ’tis your life after all, right?
    But one’s life is full of other things, other people and it really is a bit late in the day to call “Time out’ when one is on the ‘Way out” 😉

    I watched a doccie on Jobs recently – amazing character- but knowledge of his impending death didn’t seem to change his basic lifestyle that much.
    His work appeared to be his life, and he was supposedly alienated from his family in many respects.
    One never knows how much truth there is in these things, but it certainly appears that for him, Apple was everything.

    If you and I were to find out tomorrow was check out day, what would we really change or do differently in the hours that remained?
    Unless one was in the middle of a fight or something I suspect we’d do very little that was different.
    If you were a get up and go type then maybe you’d get up and go do something, cycling your favorite route one last time, run a marathon, do some rock climbing.
    If music was your passion and you had means and opportunity you might wish to attend a concert.
    Or if you were gastronomically inclined; eat a super meal at a swank restaurant.
    Go to movies with friends, perhaps?
    If one was a homeless person, I doubt there would be much such a person could do in the time they had left that would be different from what they were doing in a day to day list.

    Remember the movie, Bucket List?
    If it were not for Jack Nicholson, what would Morgan Freeman have done in the time he had left?
    And I suspect that most of us would be like the Morgan Freeman character.

    Make sure all your “Fences” are in a state of good repair – or as best as you can – stay healthy, and watch funny movies.

  2. I am with Ark on this one. We tend to do what we love to do till the end. And yes, mending fences when you don’t feel like it or you feel bruised is a bit of a challenge.
    Hugs Holly.

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