love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness


The owner of this blog has inadvertently allowed me a platform to share what is eating me. The thing that must be said. The thing that wakes me from my sleep and keeps me from peace. The thing you must all know. And if you do not know, you must be told. I cannot be silent, I must shout it from the rooftop. I hope you will understand. And yet if you do not, I must shout it still.

I am looking for as many possible ways to shout it as I can. I sleep very little coming up with new plans. I eat even less. But that matters not. Not compared to what it is I must share.

Yesterday, Christmas day, I set fires to the road along the highway. Little small ones. Safe enough. (all enclosed with sand around the perimeters to keep it from going to far) Not close the trees. I made a little path. Had you been traveling down it, (the highway) you would have seen a small series of fires, until you got to one larger one. And a few feet later, the sign i put up.

“Where will you be for all eternity”?

Yes…the burning question.

Hell fire.

Yes, it is real. Click on this link to see the story of the scientists who dug into hell, and the sounds that were recorded of the screaming from the pit before the microphone burned.

And so , if you understand as I do, the burning at the end for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior…You will then understand this. I will do whatever it takes, to warn you, and everyone else of what is to come. You do not have to go there…do not have to burn for all eternity. No…you can be saved. Saved by one who did not want you to go there and burn. He gave his very life for you that you might be spared the suffering and pain. He loves you.

How can you say no? How could you choose to burn? So please heed the call. I will stop at nothing to get the message out. Did Jesus not say, if your eye caused you to sin, pluck it out? or your hand…cut it off? Nothing here is of value compared to eternity! your soul is more important than your life. Whatever it takes…I must share the message, whatever it costs i must be willing to do? Including stealing this blog. 😉

How could I not?

And now for fellow believers.
Do you believe? I mean really truly believe there is such a place? that Hell exists?
What the hell are you doing about it?



  1. Funny hoax, but it goes to show just how gullible the religious can be.

  2. ah, indeed. Did the intention of the story come across? I was toying with how to write it.
    Perhaps twist it into a complete fiction story with this fervent person as the main character…?
    The idea I wanted to come across, was ….can one really believe in something like a real hell and go about living a normal regular life?
    (the same would be true imho about abortion. If one truly believes it is murder of a child….
    how could one NOT do something drastic? Consider if you knew there was a doctor in the village next to you that was taking four year old children, and killing them…what would we do? sit back and argue about it?) what do we /they/ humans….really believe?

    • Sure did. It’s written exactly as ardent theist express themselves.

      Your question (can one really believe in something like a real hell and go about living a normal regular life?) raises a very poignant point. Most theists DON’T truly believe. Not really. Not even half. Reminds me of this section from Scott Adams book, Gods Debris:

      “Four billion people say they believe in God, but few
      genuinely believe. If people believed in God, they would
      live every minute of their lives in support of that belief. Rich
      people would give their wealth to the needy. Everyone
      would be frantic to determine which religion was the true
      one. No one could be comfortable in the thought that they
      might have picked the wrong religion and blundered into
      eternal damnation, or bad reincarnation, or some other
      unthinkable consequence. People would dedicate their lives
      to converting others to their religions.
      “A belief in God would demand one hundred percent
      obsessive devotion, influencing every waking moment of
      this brief life on earth. But your four billion so-called believers
      do not live their lives in that fashion, except for a few.
      The majority believe in the usefulness of their beliefs—an
      earthly and practical utility—but they do not believe in the
      underlying reality.”

      • I loved Scott Adams

        • He was “inspired” 🙂

          • Very inspired, compared to the bible authors he is way ahead

      • Wow. Great quote, John. You seem to always have just the right one. 🙂

        • All thanks go to Maka, he sent me the book

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