love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

For those who believe in hell: What do you really believe?

Is your fervency anything like the “poster” in my last post? Does the concept of hell burn a whole in your heart? Is it very real to you?
How do you deal with the idea of friends and family burning for all eternity?
Is it the elephant in the middle of the room?
Is it uncomfortable to think about ? talk about?



  1. I wish I had that same fervency… as long as I also balance it with love and scream warnings… IN LOVE. I admit, I do not think enough about hell… it does not seem real enough to me, and therefore I lack motivation to be chasing people from it’s very flames…. Shame on me, for it is I who deserve the hottest of all of hell’s fury and God’s full wrath. But, I’m so overwhelmed that despite this, God still can offer me hope…. God became man… so that He could understand our temptations, our fears, our pain… and yet, He never sinned, so that He could offer Himself as our intercessor… the “go between” for us to be able to approach the One True Living God. through His sacrifice, anyone can now approach God with confidence… Accepting that they are not perfect, that they are fallen, that they are sinful, and then clinging to the knowledge that if they ask, God will cover them with His Son, the One with Whom He is well pleased. It is through this, that we do not have to fear the flames of hell… God is real. God is ever present. God became man. God IS WITH US. EMANUEL. God, who is perfect and pure and righteous, is also full of mercy and compassion….
    So, listen…
    do not turn a deaf ear
    do not harden your heart

    God is with us

  2. I have thought about it and I say if for heaven to exist, hell must exist, then let both not exist.

  3. rautakyy

    Well, perhaps I am the wrong person to comment, since I have never believed in Hell, or Heaven. Not because I am a very clever individual, but simply because I have not been brought up to believe in such fancifull stories to be true.

    However, I find it curious, that adult people should believe in such wild claims without any evidence. Of course, I understand, that people think they have as evidence what they have been told to believe about such things as true. And that these people have also been brought up to think, that it is virtuous to believe in such things without actual evidence, but still it strikes me odd. Propably just because I have a much too high regard of human intelligence. That I percieve humans capable of using logic to overcome such superstitious fears…

    • But you are clever Rautakyy. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. 🙂
      It is easier to believe in wild claims without evidence if you are taught them as true fact when you are very little.

      • rautakyy

        Well, you know Holly, I will never know wether, if I personally could have broken the “spell”, but people like you, who have actually achieved it, give me reason for hope for the future of mankind. 🙂

        • aw. Thanks Rautakyy. 🙂

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