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Evolution of Humanity







No, not another creation/evolution debate blog…. (what’s to debate?) 😉


What I would like to write about is our abilities. And perhaps our lack of use of them.

Do you ever wonder how we have come so far in understanding and abilities? Things like science, math, technology….

And how we seem to be stuck in an endless loop in others? War, fighting, racism, sexism, all sorts of isms, divorce, abuse,


I  will continue to ask, what good is the ability to travel to the moon and beyond, if we aren’t around to enjoy it?

How complicated should peacemaking be? Communication? Understanding? Empathy? Realization that we are all interconnected, that we are not an island, and that we affect each others and others affect us?

Goodness knows we have had lights through history who have attempted to voice this need in humanity. ….

Confucius,  Jesus, Buddha, Mohandas Gandhi,  Martin Luther King Jr,  Dalai Lama,  Baha’u’llah ….



I recently  saw an episode of the 4400, (thank you netflix ) in which humans are taken and then returned with special abilities from those in the future, hoping to change the tide of things to come, the ultimate destruction of humanity.

One persons ability is making a pie.  A very special pie.  A pie that when you eat it, you experience memories of all those around you, allowing you to experience parts of their life, and …know them. Understand them.  Begin to feel close to them, and part of their community.  You could share each others thoughts during that time as well.

Pretty cool, and it certainly helped create a very “heaven like’ atmosphere in the community.

But, I thought, can we …we evolved creatures…not create something like this on our own?

Can we not see the benefits of exchange of experiences, ideas, memories, and finding ways to bond with our fellow beings?

Sharing threads of connections that intertwine us, with understanding?


What will it take, for us to begin to evolve in our social abilities? For us to find ways to make peace?


kind regards,








  1. Honestly, Holly, I think we can achieve this great next, necessary leap in our humanness, but it will only be realised once we get off this rock and into space in a meaningful and permanent way.

    • Could you explain further? I am not quite sure what you mean by that. (apologies)

      • Sure, no worries. I think we are capable of finding harmony (a degree of it, at least, which we do not, perhaps cannot, know today), but achieving that will require a paradigmatic shift in consciousness which can probably only be realised once we actually leave this planet. Being stuck here nose-to-nose, as we are, fighting for resources, renders many of us incapable of embracing the notion of a shared species-wide future. That’s to say, many of our brothers and sisters still choose tribalism over enlightened humanism because that survival adaption has worked since antiquity. A handful of very lucky humans have experienced a version of the necessary shift already in what is called “The Overview Effect;” astronauts who’ve seen the earth from afar. William Anders is quoted as saying “We came all this way to explore the moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the earth.” Said in another way, we have to leave the safety of the shore before we can know ourselves.

  2. rautakyy

    Today we have vast quantities of industry that produces wellbeing but also more powerty and horrific amounts of pollution. And we have terrible weapons of destruction, that have been developed, to produce a sense of safety by childish idea that if we have bigger guns the others are too scared to fight us. As we have seen, it really does not work. Most human societies have already abandoned asking from gods to give their random answers, on what to do next, but the tribalism still lives deep in our culture in religions and nationalism. It is a nother debate wether such things have served well in the past. Now, as we have reached the brink of an ecological catastrophy, it is time to abandon them and look to the future together.

    I think, that the social morals of humanity is evolving still. When we as greater communities realize, that good ethics require us to understand ourselves not only as the members of our own families, communities and societies. That humanity is global and dispite our minor differnces in cultures, we are all one. That the we are only one part of the ecosystem on the planet. That the really important things (for the survival of the species) are not personal gain in symbols of wealth and power, but in the common wellbeing of all living entities, then we have hope again.

    We need to ask ourselves, in wich kind of world we would prefer to live in? Do we really like the idea of wast amounts of nukes stored in our backyards? Do they really keep us safe? Do we really want to live in a world where people are born into powerty and lack of fresh water? Do we want to have most species of life to disappear only to serve our greed? Are we so scared to let go of traditions, that we refuse to evaluate them rationally? Do we really want a world where success is evaluated by digits in a bank account and the very few most greedy get to enjoy luxury on the price of millions suffering? It is us who can change it, but only if we want to.

  3. This will be a pipe dream for a long time to come. We have developed many things but majority are still steeped in ignorance. Educate the masses, improve standard of living then just maybe you will scratch the surface of a long lasting solution

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