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Dear Atheist, Your Faith Is Greater Than Mine

Dear Oliver,
I think perhaps your misconceptions of atheism have allowed you to write such error. Atheist do not have faith in things they cannot see. They are just willing to admit when they do not know. They also allow room for multiple possibilities, and use science, rational and critical thinking to place things on a probability scale. No faith necessary. Also, you may want to stop the lumping/clumping of atheist and realize that they do not all believe/think the same. The only thing that they can be lumped into agreeing upon is that they do not see evidence to warrant a faith/belief in any god/s.



  1. archaeopteryx1

    Actually, we don’t say the universe came from nothing. Some of us do, while others hold that what appears to be “nothing,” is actually quantum fluctuations within the “nothing” that cause particles to pop in and out of existence. Still others hold to the theory that the universe simply always was, which shouldn’t be quite so difficult for you to understand, as that is exactly what you believe about the origin of your god.

    At first, you placed your god above the clouds, inaccessible, physically, to us. Then, as we, through science, learned to fly, he was moved further out, beyond the Earth, where we could never dream to go. Once we, through science, learned to leave our planet, he was once more transported, this time to a place beyond space and time, where, for the moment at least, he must finally feel secure from unwanted visitors.

    One significant difference is that we atheists are continually searching for answers, hypothesizing, testing, discarding when new evidence is discovered, and peer-reviewing conclusions, while you are content accepting unquestionably the words of anonymous, superstitious, scientifically-ignorant, Bronze and Iron Age authors, who inform you that it was all accomplished by magic.

    • exactly. I was disappointed there did not seem a way to reply. Hence the reblog and reply. Perhaps he will be willing to come discuss it.

      • archaeopteryx1

        I was originally directed to his blog by your link, decided I didn’t want to give him the extra traffic and came back and posted my comment on yours. If he’s subscribed, he’ll get a notification and come here to respond – if not, I’ll still sleep well.

  2. rautakyy

    It is tragicomic when the religious think they can explain the existance by inserting a creator entity, as if that actually explained anything. It does not. It still does not answer why this alledged entity wanted to create anything, nor why anything was created, nor how did this entity exist before anything existed. It is a virtual example of a total non-answer. And as such, it does not serve as any sort of evidence of it actually existing.

    As for the “luck” of life existing on this one planet, well, we do not yet know the mathematics involved into evaluating how exeptionally lucky that was. From where we are now, the universe near us seems rather void of life, but as life is rather a complex phenomenon, that is hardly a surprice as such. On the other hand, the universe we can observe is immense and immensely old. It is very difficult to make any reliable predictions what are we to find from it, though with the information on it we now have, that can be called even nearly objective, we can hardly claim anything supernatural, or otherwise unnatural to exist in it.

    We have no way of determining how “lucky” we were to exist because to what should we compare it to? Ultimately we are lucky to exist at all, but life is a very strong and very natural phenomenon. It requires absolutely no faith at all to acknowledge, that we do not know how life appeared on this planet, but what we do know is that there are the basic building blocks for life all over the universe and what we can appriciate without any faith being involved at all, is how that life after it’s appearance here very slowly evolved to all sorts of manifestations, including us humans. That is understood by us, through science and no gods at all are required to explain as much.

  3. You hit on one of my main gripes. That religious people lump atheists together as a group. For example I spend zilch time worrying or wondering how the earth came to be. I’m more interested in deciding what’s for tea.

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