love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

This blood is for you….

It is coming on that time of year again…..

love and heretics

This blood is for you….

Most of my life, I embraced the story…the “gospel” of Jesus.  I upheld my hands, as tears streamed down my face as I thought of what he had done ….for me.  All my sin, my failures, my stain upon this world…my inadequacies, my darkness…

All of it…taken upon by one who knew no sin.  An innocent, perfection embodied….god in man….

Willing to die….for me….worthless failure…lump of clay….squashed beyond all recognition….

and yet this god man…loved me…cared enough to poor out his lifeblood, and die…for me. To take away all that darkness….

Justification…..’just as if i had no sin”….purified…cleansed…in the blood.

How could I not weep? not love this god-man…? willing to give his very life…for me?

how could I not give my own life…bought by his blood…back to him? Was I not his now? all to jesus…I surrender…All to him i freely give..
“I will…

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  1. archaeopteryx1

    Happy (early) Easter, Holly —

    • Thank you (((Archaeopteryx1))….have you a shorter name you prefer from friends? 🙂

      Just found this gem….

      Jesus proved by science 😉 atheist lose.

      • archaeopteryx1

        Yeah – everyone just calls me arch.
        (It would be interesting to know what those chemicals were)

        • rautakyy

          Pfff… So, sin, and all that are actually as real as magic parlour tricks???

          • archaeopteryx1

            “Sin” requires a religious foundation – otherwise it’s just mean stuff.

          • lol Rautakyy. admit it. science wins. 😉

  2. Happy easter,
    If there is a god, it sure has a lot of apologies to make

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