love and heretics

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

answers from an atheist

t and v 077

“What, if anything, is sacred to you?”

When music says what words cannot

promises kept

a bird that flies after a mended wing,


a scar that no longer causes pain


waterfalls and rainbows


silence when words won’t help


An apple hanging from a tree


the light from a single candle


the sounds of a stream or ocean


the smell of peculating coffee


a great story


*the laughter of a child

and of course…

a hug

*Thank you archaeopteryx1



  1. archaeopteryx1

    The laughter of a child.

    • Ramen. the perfect answer.

    • I had to add that one in. I had been pondering how to include a line about children…as I hold mothering/fathering and teaching as sacred jobs…I hope you don’t mind. I credited the line to you. (((hugs))

      • archaeopteryx1

        Actually I was wondering how it escaped inclusion! Of course I don’t mind (and I don’t need the credit unless you’re offering to raise my MasterCard limit –)

        • You’re so mercenary Arch!

          • archaeopteryx1

            Well, that’s the only kind of credit I really need!

  2. Ramen to your list Holly. We could probably sit around contemplating clouds for hours and come up with a few more!
    But for starters this definitely answers the question. Hugs

  3. and yes, hugs.

    • Always hugs. 🙂

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