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Prove to me there is no god…

A recent request at a forum. Can anyone prove to me there is no creator god?

I would begin with the objections to the existence of god acknowledged by Thomas Aquinas :the problem of evil, and the apparent ability of natural science to explain everything in our experience without God. Both would fall under absence of evidence.
However, I will concede that absence of evidence is not in and of itself evidence of absence for the following reason. A god could choose to appear absent. In such a case his existence would be entirely indistinguishable from his non-existence. And in such a case proof would be impossible.

In some circumstances it can be safely assumed that if a certain event had occurred, evidence of it could be discovered by qualified investigators. In such circumstances it is perfectly reasonable to take the absence of proof of its occurrence as positive proof of its non-occurrence.”— Copi, Introduction to Logic (1953), p. 95



  1. That question is loaded. It assumes there is a god and that this god does create. But we have no way to answer to questions: what is god and what is to create. So far as I can tell, the farthest we can go is explaining transformations and nothing further

  2. rautakyy

    1. Wich god are we talking about? 2. Why that one and not some other god? The proof about a particular god not existing lies in refuting the claims about that particular god.

    3. What if thunder and lightning, after all, is a mere manifestation of the wrath of Zeus, or Juppiter, Thor or Ukko? I bet you had never even heard of Ukko, but there are people and have always been who have not heard of Allah or Jahwe and there are people to whom these two are nonsensical and implausible suggestions for similar cultural reasons as the thunder gods are to the adherents of the monotheistic religions. Infact, most people find every suggested god implausible simply because there is no one religion that consisted the most people on the planet. Ad to injury the fact, that most people who belong to one or the other sect of this or that god, do not accept the variety that the majority of that nominal religion. The Jews do not accept the god as suggested by Christians, the Christians do not recognize the god as suggested by Islam. Shias do not accept the god as suggested by the Sunnis. The moderate Sunnis do not accept the god as suggested by the extremist Sunnis. The conservative Christians do not accept the god as suggested by the liberal or progressive Christians and vice versa. The Christian Orthodoxes do not accept the god as suggested by the Catholics and the Catholics do not accept the god as suggested by the Protestants and god knows (pun intended) all of these are even further divided into not accepting the alledgedly same god by others even within their own sects.

    There simply is, nor has been, any one god, that was believed by the majority of the people ever. Not even though the god as suggested by a politically conservative, regressive and extremist Jew, Christian, Muslim, or even Buddhist resemble each other more, than any of them resemble any god as suggested by a liberal, progressive and moderate Jew, Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist.

    Yet, if a particular god is a real thing, it obviously is not a democratically chosen god by any majority vote, there is no way to examine something that does not manifest in reality for us to research it by the only reliable way we have to evaluate reality, that is the scientific method. However, when ever a particular god has alledgedly manifested in some way, we are perfectly able to examine the evidence for such a claim. Supernatural is beyond the natural methodology of science, but if it supposedly has any effect on the material, natural reality, then that can be examined. Such examination by the scientific method has offered absolutely no evidence at all to suggest, that the supernatural has any effect on the material reality. I would see such absense of evidence as evidence of absense of all supernatural effect on the material reality – wich makes the claimant who says, that any particular god exists, to bear the burden of proof for this rather common, but yet, because of magnitude, rather extraordinary claim.

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