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The troubles…

goodnight moon,I just finished watching Haven, A scifi series based off of Steven King’s The Colorado Kid.

In it, a town is troubled with “troubles”.  The troubles are supernatural curses that affect the townspeople in a hereditary way. Meaning a specific trouble affects a particular family.The “trouble” usually shows up after a stressful or emotional  occurrence. Like  a death, loss, money problems, divorce, anger, strife, fear, envy, etc.

The troubles were supernatural abilities, like every-time a baby cries someone far or near dies. A person who caused weather phenomena like hurricanes and tornadoes and lightning to strike. A person who couldn’t feel anyone’s touch, or feel anything at all. A person who tortured anyone they touched with excruciating pain. A person that could shape shift. A person who turned invisible and couldn’t reappear or be heard or felt. A person  who drew bullets to their body like a magnet. And as many more as one could possibly imagine.

The story centers on a few people who work tirelessly to solve the ‘troubles’.  They work with the afflicted to help them with conflict resolution, and resolving their emotional struggles which seems to help stop the trouble.

My thought after the conclusion, is that in reality we are all affected by troubles that aren’t so supernatural. When crises occurs, emotional trauma, strife….we are affected and end up affecting others. We push away the ones we love, anger outbursts, drinking , drugs, depression/shutting down, silent treatments, abandonment, acting out, and more. We destroy each other and ourselves with no supernatural help needed.

We need more people working with our afflictions, helping resolve conflict and emotional struggles to help combat our “troubles’.



  1. rautakyy

    Indeed. I fear we so often get so soaked up by just trying to cope with our own “troubles”, that we feel inadequate to try to help others with theirs, though it would be best for all of us, to strugle against such together.

    On a broader note, sci-fi and fantasy are often means to distance the reality from ourselves just far enough for us to see what actually is obvious and important in the real world. On the other hand, they may also be means of cultural indoctrination to turn our take ethically suspectable issues as “normal”, or culturally relativistic.

    • I think sometimes we can’t even see the damage our troubles cause..or see them AS “troubles”. The affects of our own pain. I was just thinking somehow that if we were to recognize them, call them out, and better identify them in ourselves and others perhaps we would be one step closer …Like in the town “Haven”, they recognized they were “troubled” and that everything that happened could be a trouble. Imagine if couples were to recognize the pain they caused each other as a “trouble” (result of pain/anguish/strife etc) and be able to attack it headon bypassing feeling unloved or offended, or hurt by the trouble and the cycle that so often occurs that skips the problem resolution and leads us to further catastrophe.

      On your broader note…I agree. It is a two edged sword. It can indeed highlight and let us see something more clearly, or…allow us to enjoy the fantasy and ignore reality.

  2. More empathy and less judgement would go a long way in helping each other. We may not have the skills for counseling but we can all listen and hold a hand or a box of tissues. Great post Holly.

    • so true, Emmy. and thanks.

  3. rautakyy

    I have recently been watching a Russian sci-fi series, the Dark Side of the Moon, wich is an adaptation from a British TV-series Life On Mars. It is basicly a story of a police man in 2011 who ends up in a serious traffic accident and awakens as his father in the year 1979. Or that was the first season. In the second season he awakes in 2011, but the world has changed according to information he happened to give about the future to a KGB agent, who in this new changed future is the General Secretarian of the Soviet Communist party. That is the Soviet Union has not in this alternate future fallen, on the contrary it has expanded and seems to be the leading nation lending food aid to impoverished US, president of wich is, by the way none other than Chuck Norris.

    It is very interresting to see how the modern Russians (at least the film makers, but gathering from the fact that this was rather popular series in Russia, some others too) see what the USSR used to be. It is also interresting to see how they think it might be, if it had survived. The general message seems to be, that in the Soviet Union both past and the imaginary present one, have less crime and social and economic insecurity, but worse consumer products. Wich would you choose?

    This sci-fi series, that is basicly build around rather typical crime series concept, has awoken a lot of thought in me. One of the top ideas that I have gotten watching it is, that people who live in countries, whose government is inefficient in providing the populace with their basic needs are more keen on rather relying on the private sector. If there is correlation with inefficiency and public services, then people think that there is a causation between public services and inneficiency, even if they are unable to point at what that even might be. While in countries (like here in the Nordic countries, where I live) where public services function fairly reliably, people are not at all so keen to rely on private sector that they see more as a means to rob the customer.

    In this light the recent comments that President Trump made about Sweden appear in a curious, but also in a way more coherent light. He and his administration represent the private sector and capitalism behind it with a capital P. Sweden is a threat to him. It is a fairly secular country that has managed for years with liberal values, high government involvement in providing for basic needs for people, high social standards and fairly succesfull immigration policy. This success is a fact goes everything the Trump administration ideologically stands for. I just saw an interview of the Swedish coppers who were “interviewed” for the Fox documentary, that Trump claims to have referred to, when he said to his supporters that something happened in Sweden on last thursday, that he equalled in the terrorist attacks in Germany. The Swedish cops were appalled about how their comments had been cut and pasted to make it seem like they were complaining about the immigration to cause big social problems in Sweden. It is ludicurious, but also very troublesome, that the US president who is supposed to be one of the best informed individuals on the planet relies as a news source an entertainment network, that manipulates in such a shameless way the material they extract to further a political agenda of fear and hatered. Sweden may be in for some really troubled times if the US president has decided, that the immigration in Sweden must fail for it serve as his example. It sure is not the only thing that annoys him about Sweden.

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