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The Hairies: A cautionary tale

There once was a land full of Hairies. A people who were born covered in hair, from their head to their toes. The Hairies ruled the land and were quite suspicious of those born a little different. The baldies. The baldies had no hair upon them anywhere. They were the minority, being only a few.  The Hairies ,out of fear made rules. The baldies were not allowed to marry the Hairies, or reproduce. In fact the baldies were made to drink out of separate fountains, and eat at different tables. They were in fact, second class citizens. They could not get good jobs, and worked for a lot less when they were hired.

But a few Hairies arose, and began to see the treatments of the baldies as unfair and unjust. They couldn’t help being born without hair. It was not their fault. It was not anything they had done. And so, war began. Those who wanted freedom and equality for the baldies, and those who liked oppressing the baldies and feeling good about their superiority.

A tale of injustice heard many times before. And like every other case, eventually the baldies got justice. New laws were made after much blood was spilled, after stands were made, beautiful speeches given, inspiring rallies shouted at, and those who stood on the line, fighting for the rights of the baldies. Equality! Freedom! Hooray! Baldies could now be free to live just like the Hairies. Only something strange happened. When the baldies began to live like the Hairies, they began to make new laws. There was Baldy night out, and baldy only after parties. A new show which featured only the Baldies.  Baldy only tables, baldy special fountains.  Instead of now having equal rights the baldies demanded the same special rights that the Hairies were once formerly privileged to.  They began looking down upon the Hairies, much in the same way the Hairies once looked down upon them.

And so, the Baldies who once were the oppressed, became the oppressors. The beginning of a new era, or rather an old one recycled.

““The oppressed, instead of striving for liberation, tend themselves to become oppressors,” Paulo Freire


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  1. Same is true of the revolutionaries. They claim to fight for liberation , free and just society but become worse oppressors. Life is a strange thing.
    Greetings Holly

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